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On a hill away from the village , there lived a widow Kalimantan region poor and a daughter .
The girl was very pretty dainty widow . But unfortunately , he had a very bad attitude . She was very lazy, never helped her mother do the jobs home . It works just primp every day .
In addition to lazy, spoiled girl's attitude once . All requests must be obeyed . Every time he asks something to the mother should be granted , regardless of the state of the poor mother , every day must toil for a bite of rice .

One day her mother asked her son down to the village to shop . The layout of the village market so far , so they had to walk quite tiring . The girls walked strolled by wearing good clothes and primp for people on the street who see it will be admiring her beauty . While his mother walked behind , carrying a basket with a very dirty clothes . Because they live secluded place , no one knew that the two women who run it are mother and son .
As they began to enter the village , the villagers stared at them . They were so fascinated by the beauty of the girls , especially the village youth who do not get enough of looking at her face . But when he saw people walking behind her , starkly contrasts the situation . It makes people wonder .
Among those who saw it , a young man approached and asked her , " Hey , pretty girl . Is that runs behind the mother? "
However , what the girls answer ?
" No, " she said loftily . " He was a servant ! "
Both mother and child were then continued on . Not how much , again approached the young man and the girl asked the boy .
"Hi , sweetie . Is it your mother who runs behind you ? "
" No, no , " replied the girl with a cock of his head . " He is budakk ! "
That's every girl you meet someone along the way who asked about her mother , it is always the answer . Her mother was treated as a servant or slave .
At first, the rebellious daughter to hear the answer if someone asked , the mother can still help myself . But after repeatedly hearing the same answer , and that is very painful , eventually the poor mother could not help myself . The mother prayed .
" Oh my God , a servant can not take this insult . Child of the servant of the servant so how could such a way to treat yourself . Yes , god punish the rebellious child ! Punish him .... "
On the power of God Almighty , her body slowly it turned to stone disobedient . The change started from the foot . When the change has reached half of the body , the girl was crying for mercy to his mother .
" Oh , Mom .. mom .. forgive me , forgive your son for this iniquity . Mom ... Mom ... forgive your son .. " The girl continued to weep and plead with her ​​mother to cry . However , everything was too late . The entire body of the girl eventually turned to stone . Despite being rocks , but one can see that his eyes still shed tears , as was crying . Therefore, the stone that comes from the girl who got her mother 's curse is called " Crying Stone " .

Such is the story shaped this legend , which by the local people believe that the story actually happened . Whosoever disobeys mother who has given birth to and raise her , it would certainly act laknatnya punishment from God Almighty

another version

Putri Wulan birth and different half- hour has had a sign from nature . Princess was born amid the sudden weather change so badly , while his sister appears when the weather improves .

Once they start growing , then look striking difference . Wulan moral gentle , patient , and loving while the eldest daughter wastrel nan worrying .

Worried by the situation , Awang and daughter Sari put into a boarding school with the hope that his son could be changed . Unfortunately, it was instead the daughter of behavior became out of control and the owner of pesantren .

The climax occurs when Awang visiting suluangnya daughter , Princess negligence makes the warehouse where he used to laze around on fire . Own daughter survived , but her father is struggling to save her baby had suffered permanent physical disability .

Fear will be punished for his actions , daughter escape from school and fell into the Julig , a shaman who wants to find a scapegoat head boy .

Apparently , the casualties will be used for the construction of a beachside resort in Darwin run a conglomerate . Luckily, the pair appeared jin Ranggada beachfront dwellers and save Princess once Sugari that killed Julig and Darwin .

When Awang and Sari made ​​a loss for its existence to spend a lot of expenses , even life daughter having fun on the court and Sugari Ranggada genie with a job as a companion Elegant their only child .

Unfortunately though 've been spoiled by her adoptive parents , Princess misdeeds that have been ingrained, can not be lost . Eventually married and Sugari jin Ranggada not take it anymore , they expel jinn daughter out of the palace .

After being stranded and almost raped young scamp , also reunited with daughter Awang and Wulan Sari and her sister . The meeting lasted touching because they have been separated for more than 10 years .

Again peaceful atmosphere only lasted a moment , pleasure-loving daughter back because it was used wallowing in luxury without care by parents who are threatened with bankruptcy .

His attitude is also very bad for the family . In addition to treating Wulan and her mother as a maid, daughter also harassing a disabled father . In fact , Awang who tried to defend even harmed Putri Wulan , who showed no remorse at all , to meet his death .

In the midst of family chaos and economic life increasingly helter - skelter , what happened should not be avoided anymore . The mother finally lost patience see Princess deportment . More fatal , anger this time is much more severe than the husband - wife jin Ranggada and Sugari .

Mother unknowingly take an oath or curse . As a result , the Princess directly into a stone statue that continues to shed water clear of the stone eyes . It is said that water is the tears of regret that unfortunately came too late Princess.

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Batu Putri Menangis

Below is a fairy tale mermaid . Happy reading .

It is said that the mermaid named Ariel . He is the God of the Sea princess named Triton . In contrast to the inhabitants of the palace under the sea . Ariel prefers playing in the sea or on the islands empty . While the inhabitants of the palace under the sea rather stay on the ocean floor .

So often Ariel to the surface so that his father warned him the god of the sea .

" Ariel , you do not often surface to the sea . "

" What's wrong , father ? " asked Ariel .

" Do not tell me you 'll meet people , " said the god of the sea .

" Dad , what is and what man is ? "

" Ah ... you're this , you did not know , " murmured Lord of the Sea , " That in the ocean , especially in the mainland there are creatures called humans . "

" What they like us , dad ? "

" Yes , exactly like us or we are like them , it's just that most people are just evil and selfish. "

" What good nonexistent , father ? "

" Hmmm ... there also , but only a few people who are good . "

" Well , I was curious and wanted to meet people . "

" Huh ? Never Ariel ! " Sea god was shocked to hear her wishes .

" Why father ? "

" Do not kid, you 'll be damned ! " God of the Sea said earnestly , "You'd better play around under the sea alone . "

" Ah ... my father , who would dare to hurt me ? I'm a daughter of a very powerful God of the Sea . Daddy definitely would not stay silent if I harmed humans . "

" Ah , you are Ariel ! "

That mermaid Ariel is the prettiest of the many mermaids . Ariel age is still very young , only seventeen . Like the flowers that are blooming .

One day Ariel sea surface . Incidentally not far from it there is a big ship . On top of the beautiful decks that seem some people were playing music and dancing , suddenly staring at Ariel view of a young man who was sitting watching her friends who were dancing .

" Come on Erik Prince , come dance with us , " asked someone who was dancing .

" Oh , it's a handsome young man called Erik , " Ariel murmured that they peek from under the deck .

Suddenly a huge storm came accompanied by heavy rain and lightning were darting and strong winds . Instantly the huge ship adrift like a paper boat alone . Erik Prince and his men tried to keep the ship was not reversed . Greater storms and devastating craze . The ship began to roll . Suddenly lightning mast crazy , " Kraaakkkk ! " and fracture mast override powder keg .

Audible explosion . Erik Prince that was near the powder keg was thrown and the waves washed menggelagak .

" Prince ... ! " Ariel yelled the young man's attention earlier. Prince Erik dragged the water , if not quickly helped of course he would have died to the seabed .

Ariel fast acting , grabbed Prince Eric and pulled to the surface . While holding Erik Prince , the beautiful mermaid swim to shore .

Erik Prince while still unconscious , Ariel tried to remove water from the young man's stomach . Then he stroked the head of Prince Eric . Without realizing it , Ariel is actually interested and in love with Prince Eric . He really wants to be with Prince Eric in the human world .

At that time Prince Eric almost unconscious , he had started to open eyes and wonder when a beautiful face and a delicate hand stroked his head . At the same time Ariel hear Erik Prince 's men came .

" I must hurry away before known to man , " Ariel said as she quickly threw herself into the sea . Ariel back to the palace under the sea . He was once cheerful is now turning into a recluse, he often daydream .

A few days later , God of the Sea caught her daydreaming , " Well , do not you ... , " his voice suddenly Ariel awaken from my reverie .

" Is what true , Dad ? "

" You're starting to be affected by humans , is not it ? "

" Beb ... true father . "

" Well ... well ... , you must have been exposed to the magic of the man . "

" Magic ? There dad , maybe ... maybe I 'm in love . I always wanted to meet and close by his side . "
That the Sea Gods will finally understand her situation was falling in love. But look around his half- human half- fish , it is so pessimistic that her son will be able to live with Erik Prince .

" But I have Heirloom Pearl Gods right ? " Ariel said then .

God is leading pearl heirloom Sea Gods . Volume there are only three . Sea god gave two to Ariel , one for preparing underwater palace . Pearl first if swallowed useful to transform the body into human mermaid fully intact for two years. Pearls second to raise the dead because of toxicity.

After swallowing pearl Ariel first transformed into a beautiful girl and beautiful , then release Ariel Sea Lord to meet Prince Erik .

Ariel back to the island to help Prince Erik empty place . At the same time Erik Prince is also in place.

"You ... you surely girl to ever help me ?

" How earl know ? " asked Ariel .

"I could see your face before you go . Upon returning to the palace could not sleep because I always thought of you and want to meet you. Now ... after we met , I turn to my my wife will you ? "

" Oh prince , I'm just a girl herself . Both of my parents are in the ocean . "

" You mean your parents dead ? Enough does not matter, let's follow me to the royal palace . "

Thus , Ariel finally get married and live happy with Erik Prince . But they got married new year , there is a daughter of jealousy over their happiness . Since old daughter fell in love with Tera Erik Prince . He was not willing that Erik Prince Ariel snapped .

Tera one day put poison in food Ariel , but given the poison food stuck eaten by Erik Prince . Erik Prince , then died the young . The whole palace Geger . Ariel is accused of being the killer .

"The policy is not clear origins girl , could you kill the man himself ? " Princess Tera attack in front of many people .

Ariel now remember the advice his father that the human world is full of violence and defamation . It has now learned that her daughter would like to grab it, but never menggubrisnya Erik Prince .

Firmly and loudly , Ariel said , " I am not going to poison my husband . I know who the culprit is . Treat my husband I will do , so that he knows the truth about who poisoned him . "

Tera Princess Ariel listened shaking . Ariel does not matter , it entered a second Pearl deity . Then he kiss her face , having satisfied it said , "Farewell my husband , our world was different . I always love you . "

Before Prince Erik aware , Ariel was running toward the beach . And there was his father the Sea God was waiting for him with a car, " Come, my boy, we return to our own world . "

So touch the ocean , Ariel changing body ceases to be a mermaid .

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Putri Duyung

In ancient times , there lived a husband and wife farmers . They lived in a village near the forest . They live happily . Unfortunately they have not only blessed with a single child .
Every day they pray to the Almighty . They prayed promptly given a child . One day a giant passed their home . The giant heard the prayers of husband and wife . The giant then gave them a cucumber seed .
" Plant these seeds . Later you will get a girl , " said Giant . " Thank you , Giant , " the couple said . " But there are conditions . At age 17 the child should you leave it to me , " said Giant . Husband and wife were very long for a child . Because it without thinking they agreed . 

The farmer 's wife husband then planted the cucumber seeds . Every day they take care of the plants began to grow it as quickly as possible . Months later grew a golden cucumber . 

The cucumber increasingly large and heavy . When the fruit is ripe , they picked it . Carefully they cut the fruit. Their surprise , inside the fruit that they find a very beautiful baby girl . The couple is very happy . They named the baby Cucumber Mas .
The years passed . Mas cucumbers grown into a beautiful girl . Both of his parents were very proud of him . But they became very afraid . Because the birthday Cucumber Mas 17th , the giant came back . Menangih giant promises to take Cucumbers Mas .
The farmer was trying to be calm . " Wait a minute . Cucumber Mas was playing . My wife would call him , " he said . The farmer soon meet his son . " Anakkku , take this, " he said as he handed a cloth bag . " It 'll help against the Giants . Now run as fast as possible , " he said . Cucumber Mas then immediately fled .
Husband and wife were saddened by the departure of Cucumber Mas . But they are not willing to have their children become dining Giants . Giants waited long enough . He became impatient . He knew , had lied to the couple . Then he destroys the peasant hut . Then he chased into the woods Cucumber Mas .
Giant Cucumber immediately ran after Mas . Giants closer . Cucumber Mas immediately took a handful of salt from the cloth bag . Then salt was sprinkled toward the Giants . Suddenly a wide sea was lying . Giant was forced to swim with difficulty .
Cucumber Mas ran again . But then the giant almost caught up . Cucumber Mas re- take the magic object from his pocket . He took a handful of chili . The chili was thrown in the direction of the giant . Instantly tree with branches and sharp thorns giant trap . Giant screaming in pain . While Cucumber Mas ran to save themselves .
But the Giants really strong . He was again almost caught Cucumber Mas . Cucumber Mas then took out the three magical objects . He cast a magical cucumber seeds . Instantly grew very wide cucumber field . Giant is very tired and hungry . He was eating fresh cucumbers it with gusto . Because of too much eating , sleeping giant .
Cucumber Mas again fled . He ran hard. But over time the power runs out . Worse because the Giants woke up from his sleep . Giant almost caught him again . Cucumber Mas was terrified . He also threw the last weapon , a handful of shrimp paste . Again the magic happen . A vast mud lake outspread . The giant fell into it . His hands almost reach Cucumber Mas . But the lake was pulled to the bottom mud . Giant panic . He could not breathe , and then sank .
Cucumber Mas relief . He has survived . Cucumber Mas was returned to his parents' house . Mom and Dad love to see Cucumber Cucumber Mas Mas survived . They welcome it. " Thank you , God . You have saved my son , "they said happily .
Since then Cucumber Mas can live in peace with his parents . They can live happily without fear again .

By : Cerita Rakyat Indonesia "Bahasa Inggris"

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Timun Emas

Once upon a time in ancient times there lived a young man named Galoran . He was among those who respected for his parents wealth and rank . However Galoran very lazy and wasteful . Day-to- day work only squander possessions parents , even when his parents died he more often dissipate. Therefore, over time the parents are finished treasure .
However do not make a conscious Galoran too , even time spent with just laze around and walk around . Iba villagers see it . But every time someone offers him a job , Galoran just eat and sleep alone without going to do the work. But eventually galoran levied by a wealthy widow to be his friend . This makes Galoran very happy ; " Shoots beloved side dish arrived " , so thought Galoran .
The widow has a daughter who is very diligent and clever weaving , Jambean name . Jambean woven so well known throughout the village up . However Galoran stepson hated it , because often scolds Jambean always lazy . 

Galoran hatred so deep , to bear its own planned the murder of his stepson . Sharply he said to his wife : " Hi , Nyai , really dare Jambean me . Dare he advised parents ! Shall it ? " " Patience , Brother . Jambean not mean bad against brother ' cajoled his wife . " I know why he acts rude to me , so I'm going to leave this house ! " melototkan her again as she cried her eyes . " Do not be so kak , Jambean sister just reminded that want to work " according to his wife attempt to relieve his anger . " Ah .. crap . Anyway now you have to choose .. me or your son ! " Thus Galoran threatening .

Jambean distressed mother . The mother cried day and night because her confused . She wailed : " To be your father abused me jambean . Jambean my son , let's come here boy " she cried softly . "I'll mak , stay slight weaving " replied Jambean . " Well done already " he cried again . Jump Jambean get his mother who is grieving . " Why Ma grieve alone ," he asked with compassion . Then diceritakanlah plan Jambean father who plans to kill Jambean . Jambean sadly , he said: " Never mind mak do not get upset , let me meet the wishes of the father . Truth will finally be happy mak " . " But my message is only one mother , if I had killed my father planted my body but do not throw it to the dam " he replied . With a very sad mother was nodding . Jambean was eventually killed by his stepfather and mother Jambean demand dumped his body in the dam . With magical torso and head Jambean turned into shrimp and snails , or also called snail in Javanese language.

In the village of widows Dadapan two brothers named mBok Sambega Rondo and Rondo mBok Sembadil . Both the widow was living with a very needy and earns a meager living collecting wood and taro leaves . One day the brothers went to close the dam to look for taro leaves . Very stunned they saw shrimp and snails are golden brown . " How beautiful shrimp and snails was " exciting mBok Rondo Sambega " Look how beautiful the color of his skin , golden yellow . Want me to keep " he cried again . " Well so beautiful , we just bring it home shrimp and snails " said Rondo mBok Sembadil . Then picked up the shrimp and snails to take home . The shrimp and snails then they put them in a clay jar in the kitchen . Since they maintain the golden shrimp and snails they also life changing . Especially every after returning to work , the kitchen has available side dishes and the house to be very neat and clean . Mbok Sambega Rondo and Rondo mBok Sembadil also feel amazed with the things. Until one day they plan to find out who the hell do these things .

One day they went to look for the usual wood and taro leaves , they pretend to leave and then after walking some distance they slip right back into the kitchen . From the kitchen came the sound of rustling , the brothers soon peek and see a gorgeous girl out of clay jars containing shrimp and Keong Emas their pet . "Of course he is the incarnation of the golden snail and shrimp " whispered mBok Sambega to mBok Rondo Rondo Sembadil . "Let's catch before it was transformed back into a prawn and Keong Emas " whispered mBok Sembadil Rondo . Slowly they entered the kitchen , and the arrest of the girl who is cool to cook it . " Tell me quickly nak , who the hell you were" urged mBok Rondo Sambega " Bidadarikah you ? " he said again . " not Mak , my man that was murdered and dumped by my parents , then I transformed into shrimp and snails " Jambean said softly . " Jambean moved to hear the story the two brothers finally take Keong Emas as their foster child . since the Keong Emas helped the brothers with the weave . weave very beautiful and nice so terkenallah stretcher woven throughout the country , and two brothers widow became increasingly wealthy of the day to day .

The woven arrived in the capital of the kingdom . The young king was very interested in artificial woven Jambean or the Golden Snail . Finally the king decided to review its own manufacture woven and left the kingdom in the guise of cloth merchants . Finally the king knew about the Golden Conch , and is excited by the beauty and craft Keong Emas . The king commissioned the brothers to bring Jambean or Keong Emas to go to the kingdom and to woo the Golden Snail to be queen . How happy the two brothers widow .

By : Cerita Rakyat Indonesia "Bahasa Inggris"

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Keong Mas

In days of old , a chicken tersebutlah friends with a monkey . But the friendship did not last long , because the behavior of monkeys . The monkeys in an evening invites the chicken for a walk. When evening came the monkeys start to feel hungry . Then it began to catch the chicken and feathers mencabuti . The hen struggled with all his might . Finally , it can escape.
It ran for dear life . Fortunately, not far from where it is the abode of the Crab . The Crab is a perfect companion for him. With haste they went into the residence hole Crab . There, he was welcomed with joy . The Crab past recounts all the events he experienced , including the treachery of the Apes .
Hearing this finally the crabs do not receive the treatment monkeys . It said , " let us give lessons ape who knows the meaning of friendship. " Then he put together to investigate the Apes memperdayai . They finally agreed that it will invite the monkeys to go sailing across the island full of fruit . But will they adopt boat is homemade boat out of clay .
Then the Chicken invites the monkeys to sail to the island opposite . With the greedy monkeys immediately approve the solicitation . A few days ago , began their journey . When the boat reached the middle of the sea , they then berpantun . The Rooster crowing "I drown ho ! " The Crab replied, " Wait until the once !"
Each time said so then the hen - pecker mencotok boat. Finally they came leaking boat and sank . The Crab with fists dive into the sea. The hen flying to the ground easily . Stay Si monkeys struggling for help . Because he could not swim drowned end it already .

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Kera, Ayam dan Kepiting

Hot afternoon . The sun shone fierce . But it does not really perceived by the hare . He was fast asleep under a shady tree . Suddenly sweet dreams interrupted . "Help! Help!" Heard shouts and screams over and over again . Then came the sound of marching feet were animals running around . "What is it , anyway ? " said the Mouse Deer . His eyes blinked , felt heavy to be opened because it is still sleepy . In the distance a bunch of animals running toward him . " Fire ! Fire ! " Cried the Goat . " Let's run , Cil ! There was a fire in the woods ! " It's true . The thick smoke soared into the sky . Frightened deer seen . He immediately got up and ran after her friends .

Deer kept running . Well, his run too fast . Yes , although smallish mouse deer , but he can run fast . Unnoticed , Mouse Deer ran away , leaving his friends . " Oh , my breathing feels exhausted , " the hare stopped panting , and sat down to rest . " Right, where other animals ? " Although the hare happy to have escaped the danger , he suddenly felt scared . " Well , I was where now ? Apparently never here . " Deer running while observing the surrounding area . " Wow , I'm lost . Myself again . How is this ? '7 hare getting scared and confused . " Lord, save me . "

Deer continued to explore the forest that has never been passed. Imperceptibly , he arrived at the edge of the forest . He saw a field belonging to Mr. Farmer . "The field of vegetables and fruits ? Oh , thank goodness . Thank you , God , " hare 's eyes widened . The field is full of vegetables and fruits are ready for harvest . Wow , great fun! " Incidentally ya , I was thirsty and hungry , " said Mouse Deer while swallowing saliva . " My throat felt too dry . And my stomach was growling to be filled . Eat first , ah . "

With no sin , mouse deer devouring vegetables and fruits that exist in the field . Well, sorry Mr. Farmer . He must be mad if you see this happening . Kancil so bad , huh ? " Hmm , very delicious , " said Mouse Deer , rubbing his stomach that glut . " If every day a party like this , definitely fun . " Once satisfied , hare lay down under a shady tree . The breeze is blowing , made ​​him sleepy . " Oahem , I so wanted to sleep again , " said Mouse Deer , yawning . Naughty animal finally fell asleep , continued his nap disturbed because of fire in this forest . Oh, slept so soundly , until the sound of snoring . KRR ... KRR ... krrr ...

When you wake up the next morning , hare was hungry again . " Oh, the party continued again, here , " said the hare to himself . " This time I'm picky once , ah . Anyone know was my favorite cucumber . " Hare then walked around the broad field of Farmer 's . " Wow , that she was looking for ! " Hare exclaimed happily . " Hmm , timunnya look so fresh . Besarbesar again ! Gee , ya definitely tasty . " Direct deer ate the cucumber to the full . " Wow , delicious cucumber breakfast , " said the hare with a satisfied smile . Today it was already daylight . Then the hare back under a shady tree to rest .

Farmer shocked when he saw his field . " Well , my cucumber field so why mess - so , " Mr. Farmer said grimly . " Action who , yes ? Surely there are vicious new pests . Or might there be a bad boy or a hungry beast that stole my cucumber ? " Field of the cucumber is really a mess . Many trees were damaged cucumber trampled . And many pieces of cucumber that littered the ground . 7 @ Well , be careful, yes , if you get caught ! " Muttered Mr. Farmer wagging his scythe . " My cucumber harvest so messy . " Then all day long Farmer busy straightening back field that was messy .

From the place of his rest , Mouse Deer Farmer 's continued attention . "Well , he certainly called Mr. Farmer , " said Mouse Deer to himself . " His mustache may also . Thick , ' black , and curved upward . 's Funny . Hi ... hi ... hi .... Previous hare had never met the man . But he often heard stories about Mr. Farmer from friends her . " Oh , really old Farmer yes , " said the hare . Yeah , he's been waiting a long time . Spot the hare wants to eat cucumber again . Apparently he hooked eat the fresh cucumber . Later that day , Mr. Farmer home while carrying baskets of cucumbers on his shoulder . He came home while complaining , because the harvest is to be reduced . and the time is up for re-arrange the field that was messy . " Ah , finally arrived when I was waiting for , " hare got up and walked to the fields . unruly beast the back feasting on cucumbers Mr. Farmer .

The next day , Mr. Farmer furious and angry mess again see his farm . " Truly outrageous ! " Exclaimed Mr. Farmer as she clenched her fist . " It turns out other plants are also damaged and stolen . " Mr. Farmer kneeling on the ground , to record the thief. " Hmm , definitely animal thief , " said Mr. Farmer . " Human footprints do not like this shape. " The poor farm owner was determined to catch the thief. " I had to make a trap to catch him ! " So Mr. Farmer immediately leave the field . Arriving at his house , he made ​​a doll that resembles humans . Then he rubbed the field doll with sticky jackfruit sap !

Farmer returned to the fields . The scarecrow in the middle of installing a cucumber field . It looked just like the people who were on guard . Oversized clothes flapping in the breeze . While head wearing hat , like yours Mr. Farmer . " Well, it seems Mr. Farmer is not alone anymore , " said Mouse Deer , who watch from a distance . " He came with his friend . But why her friend did not say anything , and Mr. Farmer left her alone in the middle of the field ? " Hare waiting for the departure of long time friend Mr. Farmer . Finally she could not stand . " Ah , I'd better get there , " said Mouse Deer decide . "At the same apologized for stealing cucumbers Farmer . Anyone know I was even given free cucumber . "

" Excuse me , sir , " regrets hare in front orangorangan the field . " I'm the one who has stolen the Farmer cucumber . Stomach and I was hungry . Bapak not angry , are you? " Of saj , a scarecrow field did not answer . Hare repeatedly apologized . But the puppets remained silent . His smiling face , looks like a mock hare . " Huh , so arrogant ! " hare exclaimed angrily . " I'm sorry I really did not say anything . Fact smirked . Hilarious Who does what ? " he grumbled . Hare finally had enough. Ditinjunya orangorangan the field with the right hand . BuUuk ! Why, why can not hand drawn ? Ditinjunya again with his left hand . BuUuk ! Well, now both hands firmly attached to the body of the doll . "Let go of my hand ! " Cried the hare j single . "If not , I kick you ! " BuUuk ! Kancil feet now instead attached also in the body of a scarecrow . " Oh , how is this ? "

In the afternoon , Mr. Tani returned to the fields . " Well , here's the thief ! " Mr. Farmer pleased to see the trap was successful . " Apparently you have damage and steal my cucumber field . " Mr. Farmer laughed when releasing mouse deer . " He said deer animal cunning , " sneered Mr. Farmer . " But why not be fooled by the puppets field . Ha ... ha ... ha .... " hare resigned only when brought home Farmer . She was locked in a chicken coop . But the hare was shocked when Mr. Farmer told his wife to prepare satay seasoning . "I have to go out tonight I j uga " hare determination . If not , I'm finished . " At night, when the whole house was asleep , calling hare dog , the guard house . " Shhh ... Dog , come here , "whispered hare . " Introducing, I hare . New pet Farmer . Do you know ? Tomorrow I will be invited to attend a party at the Farmer house of Mr Headman . Fun , huh ? "

Dog shocked . "What I could not believe that I 've long with Mr Tani had not been asked to go . Uh , actually you are invited . " Deer smiled knowingly . " Well , it's up to if you do not believe . See it tomorrow ! I'm not lying ! " Dogs apparently unaffected by the words of the Kancil . He requested that the hare persuade Farmer to mengajakn- go party. " Okay , I 'll try to persuade Mr. Farmer , " promises hare . " But tonight you have to accompany me to sleep in a chicken coop . How ? " Dogs agree with the hare bid . He immediately opened the cage door latch , and entered . Deftly , hare quickly out of the cage . " Thank you , " said Mouse Deer back , closing the door latch . "I'm sorry , you know , I was forced to lie . Say hello yes , for Mr. Farmer . And please pass on my apology to him . " Deer immediately ran from the house of Mr Tani . The poor dog just realized the truth when the hare has disappeared .

Clever hare , turn out easily fooled by Mr. Farmer . That is why we should not be arrogant .

Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Kancil Si Pencuri Timun

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