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The lake is not wide and deep, about three meters long and two meters wide by two meters deep. The water is clear and clear, never dry even though drought. It is on a bund, under the shade, splendor, and shade of the trees, especially the lemon tree. If the lemon trees bloom, swarm the birds and the insects suck on honey. On the surface of the land it spread with the fertile of a kind of plant, the name of the gadung. Gadung has a large tuber and can be made into a tasty cracker and tasty. However, if less skillful process can be toxic to people who eat it because of intoxicating.
 The area is inhabited by a handsome man, Awang Sukma his name. He lives alone and has no wife. He became a ruler in the area. Therefore, he holds the data. In addition to his handsome face, he is also adept at blowing the flute. The songs touch the feelings of anyone who listens.

Awang Sukma often harvest birds when the lemon trees are flowering and the birds drip honey sucking. He put the sap of the already cooked tree by sticking it in the bamboo slats. The bamboo blades that have been given the sap are called pulut. The pulut was placed on the sidelines of the flower stalk. When the birds land, the wingspan will stick in the pulut. The more the bird struggled, the more tightly its wings were attached. Finally, the bird floundered to the ground with the blades of the pulut. Then, Awang Sukma catches it and puts it in the basket. Usually, dozens of birds can be brought home. It is said that that is why among the inhabitants, Awang Sukma dubbed Datu Suling and Datu Pulut.

However, one day the atmosphere in the area was very quiet. There are no birds and no insects are interested in approaching the blooming Iimau flowers.

"Wonder," said Awang Sukma, "it looks like the lemon blossoms are poisonous so the birds do not want to come anymore." Awang Sukma does not despair. Lying in the shade of the limes, he sang beautiful songs through his flute. Always so he did while keeping his pulut hit. Actually by blowing the flute, he wanted to amuse himself. Because with the rhythm of the flute rhythm, his longing for those he left behind was rather healed. It is said that Awang Sukma is a migrant from a distant land.

Awang Sukma was stunned by his flute rhythm. The gentle breeze that stroked her hair made her sleepy. Finally, the distillation echo disappears and the flute lies on its side. He fell asleep.

I do not know how long he was lulled into a dream, he suddenly woke up to the alarm of the flapping wings. He did not believe in his eyesight. Her eyes were rubbed.

 Apparently, there are seven beautiful young princess down from the sky. They flew to the lake. Not long afterwards, there was a loud noise and laughter burst into the water.

"I want to see them up close," murmured Awang Sukma as he searched for a spot for a peek that was not easily known to the person being peeped.

From the hideout, Awang Sukma can look more clearly. The seven daughters had no idea that a pair of handsome eyes sharply enjoyed their bodies. Awang Sukma's eyes stop at their clothes scattered on the edge of the lake. The clothes are both a means to fly them as they descend to the lake and return to their homes in heaven. Surely they are angels who descend to mayapada.

Satisfied in the clear water of the lake, they play around on the edge of the lake. It is said, their game called surui lady. They are busy playing so do not know Awang Sukma took and hid the clothes of one of the princesses. Then, the clothes were put into a bumbung (tube from the reeds used cooking lemang). The barn is hidden in the kindai (barn where rice is stored).

When the seven daughters wanted to wear their clothes back, one of them found no clothes. Awang Sukma's actions make them panic. The princess who lost her clothes is the youngest daughter, the most beautiful coincidence. As a result, the youngest daughter can not fly back to heaven.

Confusion, fear, and resentment make the youngest daughter helpless. At that time, Awang Sukma came out of his hiding place.

"Daughter do not be afraid and sad," persuasion Awang Sukma, "stay while with the servant."

There is no reason for the youngest daughter to refuse. The youngest daughter lived with Awang Sukma.

Awang Sukma felt that the youngest daughter was his soul mate so he asked for her hand. Youngest daughter was willing to be his wife. They become a very harmonious couple, between beauty and beauty, wisdom and meekness, in the bond of love. The fruit of their love is a princess who is named Kumalasari. His face and skin inherited his mother's beauty.

Apparently it is already customary of the world, nothing is everlasting and eternal on this earth. What is hidden Awang Sukma during this finally smelled.
That afternoon, Awang Sukma slept very well. He felt very tired after work. His wife sat beside her daughter's crib, who was also sound asleep. At that moment, a black cock went up into the barn. He scratched and poked the rice on the surface of the barn while clucking with noisy. Rice was scattered to the floor.

Youngest daughter hunting him. Unintentionally his eyes stared at a bumbung in the former black chicken kaisan earlier. The youngest daughter picked up the granary because she wanted to know what was inside. How surprised his heart after seeing the contents of the barn.

"It turns out, my husband is hiding my clothes so I can not go home with my brothers," he said while clutching the clothes.

Feelings of the youngest daughter raged so that her chest went up. He felt furious, annoyed, deceived, angry, and sad. Various flavors that mingle with love to her husband.

"I have to go back," he told himself.

Then, the youngest daughter wore the clothes. After that, he holds his daughter who has not been a year old. She hugged and kissed her daughter as much as she cried. Kumalasari was crying. The mother and child cry made Awang Sukma awake.

Awang Sukma stunned as he stared at the clothes worn by his wife. The barn where the clothes were hidden lay on the kindai. He realized that the moment of separation could not be postponed again.

"Adina must return," said his wife. "Kanda, keep our daughter, Kumalasari. If he missed his mother, take seven seeds of candlenuts, put them into a basket. Then, the basket Kanda jiggle. Sing a song with Kanda's flute. Adinda will come and see him. "

The youngest daughter flies and disappears in space leaving her beloved husband and daughter. His wife's message was done. However the longing for his wife had to be buried because they could not unite as usual. Her love spilled over to Kumalasari, her daughter. It is said that Awang Sukma swears and forbids his offspring to keep the black cock that is considered to bring disaster to him.

The lake referred to in the above legend is then named Telaga Bidadari, located in the village of Pematang Gadung. The village belongs to the Sungai Raya subdistrict, eight kilometers from the town of Kandangan, the capital of Hulu Sungai Selatan district of South Kalimantan Province.

Until now, Telaga Bidadari is visited by many people. In addition, there are no residents who keep black chickens, purportedly according to the oath of Awang Sukma who holds Datu Pulut and Datu Suling.

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