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Sacred stones located on Mount Kamboi Rama , Yapen Islands regency , West Papua Indonesia. Once a year , local people held ceremonies to worship the sacred stone . Mengeramatkan and why they adore the stone ? Who first discovered it ? You can follow the story in the story Legend of the Sacred Stone follows .


Once upon a time , in the area of ​​East Yapen , Yapen Islands regency , Papua , Indonesia , there is a mountain named Kamboi Rama . On top of the mountain there are two hamlets , namely Hamlet Kamboi Rama inhabited by a group of men , and Hamlet Aroempi the sago vegetated land owned by a king who holds Iriwonawani Gods . Iriwonawani gods also have a drum tifah or occult , named sikerei or soworoi . If the drum was sounded, the population Kamboi Hamlet in Hamlet Aroempi Rama gathered to witness the drum . However , not all residents can see the magical drum , except the old people who have supernatural powers .

To meet the daily needs of residents Kamboi Rama , women looking for sago in the hamlet belonging Aroempi Irowonawani Gods , while men look for sago dishes by capturing the animals in the forest . Every day , women in groups Kamboi Rama went to Hamlet Aroempi to look for sago . Before cutting the sago tree , they held prior to the memorial service Irowonawani Gods so that they can acquire the core or essence of sago good and can nourish the body .

Sago trees that have been cut down to get them peeled stalks is sago in it . The sago they mashed by using pickaxe [ 1 ] . In accordance with the name of the tool used , mashing process is known as sago memangkur . Which has been pounded sago sago produces pulp , which is similar to the coconut pulp . Then , they give the sago waste water and squeeze it into a container of parts of the bamboo . The juice they allow some time for core sago settles in the bottom. Once the sago settles core , then discard the water recapitalize . Then , the sediment core sago their shape like a tennis ball or elongated like a rice cake , and then save them into Tumang , the baskets are made of rattan . After that , they take it home to hold him in the back way . That's women's work Kamboi Rama village residents every day .

Gradually the sago trees in the hamlet Kamboi Rama wane . Given the circumstances , it was the wrath of God Iriwonawani . He moved to another area sagunya plants . For fear of the wrath of God Iriwonawani , Hamlet residents Kamboi Rama decided to move to the coast and set up a new residence called Randuayaivi . With the exception of a couple that still remain on the mountain with God Iriwonawai . A husband and wife are called Irimiami and IsoRay . To survive , they hunt deer in the forest and plant the tubers in the field .

One day , coming home from the fields , and IsoRay Irimiami was resting under a green tree . Irimiami sat leaning against a tree trunk , while IsoRay sitting on a big rock under the tree . In the midst of busy resting , suddenly shouted IsoRay squealing and jumping out of the stone .

" Oh , brother .. ! Heat ... hot ... hot ... ! " squealed IsoRay rubbing her ass ." What happened to you , my wife? " Asked Irimiami ." I do not know , brother ! Suddenly it became a hot stone , "said IsoRay in a state of panic .

Moments later , the rock suddenly issued a puff of smoke . Out of curiosity , Irimiami was trying to sit on a rock . Once occupied the stone , he screamed as his wife screamed . He was curious to try the heat level of the stone. He took the deer meat that catch and put it on top of the stone . Not long after , terciumlah inviting aroma of venison appetite . Once cooked , they were immediately picked up and tasted the venison .

" Hmmmm ... Venison is delicious , " murmured Irimiami after tasting a piece of the meat ." My wife! Try the venison tasted ! " Irimiami exclaimed as he gave a piece of venison to his wife .

Having finished it tasted a piece of venison , IsoRay was hooked . Because hungry after nearly a day of hunting , they also eat the meat greedily until exhausted . Since then , they always cook food by putting it at the top of the rock . Every day more and more rock the hot fumes . Therefore , Irimiami and his wife increasingly curious to always try to level the hot stone .Irimiami and his wife took a piece of bamboo , and then rub it on the stone . In a short time , bamboo was cut off and rubbing on the bamboo sparks issued . After that , they collect grass and leaves dry , then put it on top of the stone . Not long after , the grass and leaves that secrete a thick cloud of smoke and heat .

On a sweltering afternoon , Irimiami and his wife returned to collect grass and leaves dry more . The dried grass and leaves they put on top of the stone . Before long they wait , the dried grass and leaves to put out the fire burned very hot . Seeing the incident , they panic and fear , especially IsoRay .

" Brother ! What should we do ? I'm afraid there is a fire in this place , " said IsoRay with panic .

Irimiami and his wife attempted to extinguish the fire on the rock , but did not succeed . Finally , they were soon pleading for help to Lord Iriwonawai . With his power , the god of fire memamdamkan Iriwonawai successfully . Apparently , the incident did not make Irimiami and his wife deterrent . They continue to experiment against the stone . They re- laid grass , leaves , and dry wood more on the rock . Inevitably , thick smoke was billowing and flames light up very large and hot at the summit of Mount Kamboi Rama for seven days and seven nights . They returned panic and fear . Their incessant pleading to the gods in order to extinguish the fire Iriwonawai .

The people who were on the beach Randuayaivi was shocked when I saw the incident . They thought a forest fire on Mount Kamboi Rama . When he heard soworai drum sounds , they immediately ran to Mount Kamboi Rama to witness the event more closely . Arriving at the top of the mountain , they were greeted by Irimiami and IsoRay . Irimiami was told about the magic stone to them . Initially , the residents do not believe in that story . But after Irimiami and his wife told them to taste the food that has been heated above the rock , then they believe . Since then , Irimiami and his wife named the rock Batu Keramat and invites residents to hold a traditional feast . Randuayaivi residents agreed .

The next day , residents of Kampung Randuayaivi gathered on Mount Kamboi Rama to throw a party . They carry supplies such as taro , fish , and other foods . Various types of food they put on the sacred stone . The traditional feast lasted for three days and three nights . Irimiami with his wife and all the people around the sacred stone was while dancing and worship . During the party , and his wife also tells Irimiami events they had experienced to the entire population of the village Randuayaivi . Until now , the people of Papua , especially those in the Islands District Yapen , flint mengeramatkan it . They believe that Irimiami and IsoRay is the first to find it. Once a year , they held a ceremony to worship the sacred stone .

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