Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Timun Emas

Released by: Unknown | Released On: Oktober 10, 2013 |
In ancient times , there lived a husband and wife farmers . They lived in a village near the forest . They live happily . Unfortunately they have not only blessed with a single child .
Every day they pray to the Almighty . They prayed promptly given a child . One day a giant passed their home . The giant heard the prayers of husband and wife . The giant then gave them a cucumber seed .
" Plant these seeds . Later you will get a girl , " said Giant . " Thank you , Giant , " the couple said . " But there are conditions . At age 17 the child should you leave it to me , " said Giant . Husband and wife were very long for a child . Because it without thinking they agreed . 

The farmer 's wife husband then planted the cucumber seeds . Every day they take care of the plants began to grow it as quickly as possible . Months later grew a golden cucumber . 

The cucumber increasingly large and heavy . When the fruit is ripe , they picked it . Carefully they cut the fruit. Their surprise , inside the fruit that they find a very beautiful baby girl . The couple is very happy . They named the baby Cucumber Mas .
The years passed . Mas cucumbers grown into a beautiful girl . Both of his parents were very proud of him . But they became very afraid . Because the birthday Cucumber Mas 17th , the giant came back . Menangih giant promises to take Cucumbers Mas .
The farmer was trying to be calm . " Wait a minute . Cucumber Mas was playing . My wife would call him , " he said . The farmer soon meet his son . " Anakkku , take this, " he said as he handed a cloth bag . " It 'll help against the Giants . Now run as fast as possible , " he said . Cucumber Mas then immediately fled .
Husband and wife were saddened by the departure of Cucumber Mas . But they are not willing to have their children become dining Giants . Giants waited long enough . He became impatient . He knew , had lied to the couple . Then he destroys the peasant hut . Then he chased into the woods Cucumber Mas .
Giant Cucumber immediately ran after Mas . Giants closer . Cucumber Mas immediately took a handful of salt from the cloth bag . Then salt was sprinkled toward the Giants . Suddenly a wide sea was lying . Giant was forced to swim with difficulty .
Cucumber Mas ran again . But then the giant almost caught up . Cucumber Mas re- take the magic object from his pocket . He took a handful of chili . The chili was thrown in the direction of the giant . Instantly tree with branches and sharp thorns giant trap . Giant screaming in pain . While Cucumber Mas ran to save themselves .
But the Giants really strong . He was again almost caught Cucumber Mas . Cucumber Mas then took out the three magical objects . He cast a magical cucumber seeds . Instantly grew very wide cucumber field . Giant is very tired and hungry . He was eating fresh cucumbers it with gusto . Because of too much eating , sleeping giant .
Cucumber Mas again fled . He ran hard. But over time the power runs out . Worse because the Giants woke up from his sleep . Giant almost caught him again . Cucumber Mas was terrified . He also threw the last weapon , a handful of shrimp paste . Again the magic happen . A vast mud lake outspread . The giant fell into it . His hands almost reach Cucumber Mas . But the lake was pulled to the bottom mud . Giant panic . He could not breathe , and then sank .
Cucumber Mas relief . He has survived . Cucumber Mas was returned to his parents' house . Mom and Dad love to see Cucumber Cucumber Mas Mas survived . They welcome it. " Thank you , God . You have saved my son , "they said happily .
Since then Cucumber Mas can live in peace with his parents . They can live happily without fear again .

By : Cerita Rakyat Indonesia "Bahasa Inggris"

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