Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Kera, Ayam dan Kepiting

Released by: Unknown | Released On: Oktober 10, 2013 |
In days of old , a chicken tersebutlah friends with a monkey . But the friendship did not last long , because the behavior of monkeys . The monkeys in an evening invites the chicken for a walk. When evening came the monkeys start to feel hungry . Then it began to catch the chicken and feathers mencabuti . The hen struggled with all his might . Finally , it can escape.
It ran for dear life . Fortunately, not far from where it is the abode of the Crab . The Crab is a perfect companion for him. With haste they went into the residence hole Crab . There, he was welcomed with joy . The Crab past recounts all the events he experienced , including the treachery of the Apes .
Hearing this finally the crabs do not receive the treatment monkeys . It said , " let us give lessons ape who knows the meaning of friendship. " Then he put together to investigate the Apes memperdayai . They finally agreed that it will invite the monkeys to go sailing across the island full of fruit . But will they adopt boat is homemade boat out of clay .
Then the Chicken invites the monkeys to sail to the island opposite . With the greedy monkeys immediately approve the solicitation . A few days ago , began their journey . When the boat reached the middle of the sea , they then berpantun . The Rooster crowing "I drown ho ! " The Crab replied, " Wait until the once !"
Each time said so then the hen - pecker mencotok boat. Finally they came leaking boat and sank . The Crab with fists dive into the sea. The hen flying to the ground easily . Stay Si monkeys struggling for help . Because he could not swim drowned end it already .

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