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Once, in the region Galela , North Halmahera , North Maluku , there was a village named Lisawa . This hamlet is still relatively quiet , because it is only inhabited by a few families who occupy some dadaru ( home ) . The hamlet is also classified as hard water areas , because almost the entire territory consists of rocks . To get clean water for drinking , cooking , and bathing , the residents have to walk away . However, the population continues to live safe , peaceful , and quiet .

In this hamlet a handsome young man who nicknamed Magohiduuru , and a beautiful girl who nicknamed Majojaru . They are faithful lovers - as lively as dead . Actually , Magohiduuru eager to woo Majojaru . However , he did not dare to express that intention to his girlfriend , because he realized that in order to support themselves is difficult , especially if a family. Realizing his situation , Magohiduuru decided to go wander . After work, then he will return Majojaru apply . It was his intention to convey to both parents and the blessing . After that , he immediately met her love .

` My sister ! Anyone want to tell you ! " Said Magohiduuru ."What is it , brother ! Say ! "Urged Majojaru ." My sister ! Sister wanted to go wander looking for food for our future together. Once successful, the brother will soon be back to ask you . Is sister would faithfully wait till sister home ? "Asked Magohiduuru .

Majojaru stunned for a moment . He paused with a blank look . His mind would fly away imagining herself abandoned by her lover whom she loved it . His heart was very sad at the thought. However , after thinking with a clear mind , she realizes that her lover had said was true , for the sake of their future better .

" Well , Sis ! If the brother whose heart was about to go abroad , go sister ! Sister would faithfully wait for you . Kakaklah sister 's only hope in this life . Kakaklah lively love - as dead sister , "said Majojaru ." But , do not forget to come back soon if Brother has succeeded ! " Message.How glad heart Magohiduuru hear the pledge of allegiance and the blessing of the Beloved ." Yes , my sister ! Brother promised to be back soon , because ye belong to only one sister . May God Almighty grant us a pledge to lively - as dead , "said Magohiduuru .

The next day , said goodbye to Majojaru Magohiduuru . Although they had known each other for a while to give up part , Majojaru heavy hearts still harbor feelings for her lover farewell , as well as a feeling Magohiduuru with a heavy heart to leave her beloved . However , whatever the case , Magohiduuru was determined hard to wander . He also went to the country by ship across the screen .

Magohiduuru already one year overseas , had not yet returned . Majojaru heart was getting restless . One day when a walk to the pier , Majojaru saw a ship at anchor . Hopefully , he approached the boat lover who knows who eagerly been waiting there among the passengers . He watched every passenger who got off the ship with full carefully . All the passengers had got off the boat , but the person he was looking not too visible . Eventually , he ventured to ask where his girlfriend to one of the crew .

" Excuse me , sir ! May I disturb a minute ? " Sapa Majojaru ."Yeah , what's up ? Anyone can I help you ? " Asked the crew ." Yes , sir ! Is my boyfriend knew Mr. , Magohiduuru ? If not mistaken , last year he was aboard the Sir heading across the country . Is Mr. 've heard from him ? " Majojaru asked." Ooo ... Magohiduuru , handsome young man who was unfortunate , "said the ship 's crew .Hearing the answer , Majojaru was startled ." Hey , what the Lord mean that poor boy ? What happened to him , sir ? "Asked Majojaru with great curiosity .

The crew was told that a month ago Magohiduuru died overseas since the accident while at work . As if struck by lightning in broad daylight Majojaru heard the bad news . He seemed not to believe the fate of her lover . Destroyed all his hopes . Pledge of allegiance to lively as they once swore semati became lost.

With a sad heart and body limp , Majojaru staggered back to his home . Before reaching the village , he sought shelter to calm her . He was sitting on a rock under a banyan tree lament the fate that has befallen her lover . He was crying uncontrollably up to three days and three nights . The tears kept flowing like an unstoppable broken levees . Over time , her tears flooded and drowned the rocks where he sat until he was joined drowned and died . Not long after , forming a small lake where the water is clear and bluish eyes water .

A few days later , a resident was looking for firewood around the place . How shocked he was when he saw the small lake .

" Hey , why the sudden there lake in this place ? " He muttered .Without much thought , he immediately informed the existence of the lake to the residents of the hamlet Lisawa . Hearing the news, the people were in an uproar . Elders (village head ) with some of the people immediately flocked to see the lake . Upon arrival at the site , their astonishment and confusion .

" Hey , do you know when spring appears ? " Asked the elders to the people who first found the lake ." No, sir ! Lake was already there when I passed by this place , " the resident said ." Wow , is this a sign of something bad will happen in our village , sir ? " Said a resident of the other ." I do not know . But , we have to investigate the causes of this lake , "said traditional elders .Finally , indigenous elders and some of the residents are returning to the village . Elders immediately hit dolodolo ( drums ) to collect all its citizens . Before long , the residents were already gathered in his yard ." Oh , all wargaku ! Know ! In the village we had just occurred a strange incident . A small lake suddenly appeared at the edge of the village . Therefore , we must hold a ceremony to unveil the mystery of the existence of the lake ! "Said traditional elders .

Hearing the appeal , the village sepepuh immediately prepare everything to hold ceremonial purposes summoning the spirits of ancestors and the worship of Jou Jou Giki Moi or Maduhutu ( One God or the Creator God ) . After a traditional ceremony that takes place , there came a whisper from them which read lehuhur spirits as follows :

" Arising from sininga irogi de itepi sidago Congo formerly de i uhi imadadi majobubu ak " . ( Meaning : Arising from a broken heart devastated , tears , mangalir and flows into the fountain ) .Got the answer , elders also closed the ceremony and immediately rang dolodolo . Before long , the residents had gathered to listen to the findings that will be presented by the elders ."O , wargaku ! Know ! The existence of the lake caused by the tears of a girl from a broken heart widowed by her boyfriend , "said traditional elders .

Once finished elders convey the information , the atmosphere had become silent . All people who were present wondered to myself who the lovers . In the midst of the silence , again indigenous elders spoke up and asked the citizens .

" Hey , who among you who are currently members of his family were not in the village? " Asked the elders .At the question , the people were looking at each other . Each busy counting the number of family members . A few moments later , a middle-aged man raised his hand . He was the father Magohiduuru ." I do , sir ! " Said father Magohiduuru ." Who are the members of your family and where did it go? " Asked the elders .

Magohiduuru father was also told that a year ago his son named Magohiduuru go wander , but has not returned . As soon as the middle-aged man after the story, the father was told that his daughter Majojaru , Majojaru , already three days did not go home . He was looking everywhere but did not find him . He also told me that in fact , her daughter and Magohiduuru were lovers and they have promised to each other as lively as dead .

Of information and Majojaru that Magohiduuru father , elders suspect that something is happening on the lovers . Having traced everywhere , they finally heard from the crew that Magohiduuru have died overseas . They also received information that Majojaru have learned about the death of her lover . Heard all the testimony , the elders and the whole of Hamlet Lisawa also believes that the formation of the lake comes from Majojaru tears because her lover wept . To commemorate the sad event , the locals named the lake Telaga Biru , because the water is clear and bluish eyes water . They also promised to maintain and care for the lake .

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