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In ancient times there lived a young man named Jake Tarub in a village in Central Java . He lives with his mother who was called mBok Milah . His father is long dead . Jake Tarub daily and mBok Milah paddy farming .

On one night , in the middle of deep sleep , dreaming Jake Tarub wife got an angel nan beautiful girl from heaven . So wake up and realize that it was all just a dream , Jake Tarub smiled to himself . However , just a beautiful dream still imagined in his memory . Jake Tarub can not sleep anymore . He came out and sat in front of his home Ambengan looking up at stars in the sky . Nothing feels the cock crow sign was morning .

Mbok Milah newly awake realized that Jake Tarub not home . As soon as he looked out the window , saw his only son was lost in thought . " What my son dilamunkan it " , think mBok Milah . Jake Tarub guess maybe he is thinking to settle down soon . He was already more than enough . Friends Friends sebayanyapun average married . His mind was made ​​mBok Milah Jake Tarub intend to help find a wife .

During the day when mBok Milah was in the field , suddenly came Mr. Ranu owner field next to him . " Mbok Milah , why your son has yet to get married , too?" , Said Mr. Ranu open conversation . " I do not know " , said mBok Milah , recalling the incident this morning . "What do you ask that Mr. Ranu ? " , Said mBok Milah . It is little wonder why Mr. Ranu interested in his personal life . " That's what mBok Milah . I intend to match with my son Laraswati " , said Mr. Ranu .

Milah mbok surprised to hear Mr. Ranu intention newly expressed . He was very pleased . Perparas Laraswati is a beautiful girl who said she said gently. He believes Jake Tarub want to make Laraswati as his wife . However Milah mBok not want to precede her to take a decision . Somehow he realized that Jake Tarub are grown and have their own desires . " I agree Mr. Ranu . But let us first ask each child , "said the wise mBok Milah . Mr. Ranu nod nod . He thought what was said was true mBok Milah .

Day in and day out . Milah mbok not found the right time to discuss the plan and Laraswati Jake Tarub matchmaking . He was afraid Jake Tarub offended . Jake Tarub may also have had a fiancee who have not been introduced to him . Eventually mBok Milah will forget the original intention .

Jake Tarub is a very happy young man hunt . He is also a reliable hunter . The expertise gained from his late father . Jake Tarub often invited to hunt by his father from childhood . Jake Tarub morning ready to hunt the woods . Bows , arrows , knives and swords have been prepared . And he said goodbye to his mother .

Milah mbok look plain ordinary departure of Jake Tarub release . He hoped that his son would bring home a big deer they can eat the next few days . Soon mBok Milah came into her room . He intends beristrihat a moment before heading to the fields . It's known, is old mBok Milah .

Not take a long time in the woods , Tarub Jake shoots a deer . His heart is happy . Soon he was carrying deer and intends to go home . Bad luck seems to come over . Was busy walking , suddenly appeared in front of a leopard Jake Tarub . The Tigers took off to attack the square . Jake Tarub panic . He immediately let go of the deer and pulled dipanggulnya sword from his waist . The tiger is moving very fast . He soon bite the deer and took it away .

Jake Tarub slumped . Not just in shock over recent events that happened, he was thoroughly surprised . For the first time this sesial fate . Game animals already in hand instead prey beasts . " Of what is this?" , He thought . Jake Tarub immediately dismissed the bad thoughts that crossed his mind . After a short rest , he immediately runs again .

Misfortune did not want to leave Jake Tarub . After walking and waiting a couple of times , not an animal buruanpun passing . Increasingly rising sun . Jake Tarub feel hungry . There is no provision was carrying because he was sure there would be for this to be in the woods . Jake Tarub finally decided to go home empty-handed though .

When Jake Tarub began to enter his village , he was surprised to see many people walking hurriedly rushed towards the same direction . In fact there are some people who passed her looks surprised . Although surprised Jake Tarub reluctant to ask . He suffered hunger makes Jake Tarub want to quickly get home quickly .

Jake looked at her stunned Tarub that are visible from a distance . Many people gathered in front of his house . Even those people who 'd seen apparently running a hurry to get to his house as well . "What is it?" , He thought . Jake Tarub began not in the mood . He immediately ran to her house .

" What's going on ? " , Said Jake Tarub half shout . People were surprised and looked at him . Mr. Ranu who is awaiting the arrival of Jake Tarub 'd been straight up and patted him on the shoulder Jake Tarub . " Patience my son .. " , he said as he guided Jake Tarub entered the house .

Jake Tarub eyes immediately fixed on a body stretched out on couches in the living room . A few seconds later Jake Tarub realizes that his mother has died . Jake Tarub could not hold back tears . This is evidence of bad feeling I felt since the morning , he thought .

Jake Tarub could not do anything . He just looked pensive face mBok Milah . Mr. Ranu story that his wife is found mBok Milah had died in his sleep this morning not disregard . He is now contemplating his fate alone . Jake Tarub also regret not fulfill his mother's wishes she married and see grandchildren . But all a distant memory . Now his mother has been at rest .

After the death of his mother , Jake Tarub fills his days with hunting . Almost every day he hunts the woods . Results for the prey he always distributed to neighbors . Only with hunting , Jake Tarub can forget his grief .

Such that morning , Jake Tarub been getting ready to go hunting . He casually walked towards the Forest Wanawasa because it was still early . When Jake got hutanpun Tarub just waiting for passing prey in front of him . Did not feel it was already noon . None prey Jake Tarub obtained . He has mostly daydreaming .

Because of her newfound thirst , Jake Tarub stepped toward the lake . The lake is located in the middle of the forest Wanawasa it known to the public as Toyawening lake . When almost at the lake , Jake Tarub stop her footsteps . His ears caught the sound of the girls were joking . " Maybe it's just hayalanku alone " , he thought, surprised . "How could a girl girls play around in the wilderness like this ? " .

With Jake Tarub sneaking settles again stepped toward Lake Toyawening . Girls laughter was more clearly audible . Jake Tarub peeking from behind a big tree towards the lake . Surprise, Jake Tarub watched seven beautiful girls were bathing in the lake Toyawening . Heartbeat even louder .

Jake Tarub noticed one of the girls at the lake . Everything is so pretty flawless . From their conversation , Jake Tarub know if the girl is seven angels that fell from heaven . " What is the meaning of my dream ? " , She thought happily .

Jake Tarub eyes see angels in a pile of clothes on a large rock at the edge of the lake . All clothing that has a different color . " If I take one of these angel outfit , which has certainly will not be able to return to heaven ," muttered Jake Tarub . Endowed with a smile when imagining the angel that he stole her clothes would be willing to be his wife .

With careful Tarub Jake walked over to the pile of clothes . He walked very slowly . If the angel was aware of his presence , of all plans will be thrown . Jake Tarub chose a red shirt . After work, Jake Tarub hurry slipped behind the bush .

Suddenly a man from the angel said , " Let's go home now . It was late afternoon " . " Yeah right . We'd better go home now before the sun goes down , "added another . The angel came out of the lake and they were each wearing .

" Where are my clothes ? " , Shouted one angel . " Who took my shirt off ? " , He asked in a trembling voice to cry . " Where did you put your clothes Nawangwulan ? " , Asked an angel to him . " Here . Same with your clothes .. " , Nawangwulan replied tearfully . He looked very panicked . Without her , how could he go home to Heaven . Moreover, the shawl she wore to fly go missing as well .

Because Nawangwulan not find her , he immediately went back to Lake Toyawening . Her other friends to help find clothes Nawangwulan . Their efforts futile because the clothes are taken home Nawangwulan Jake Tarub to his house .

Finally an angel said " Nawangwulan , forgive us . We had to get home to heaven and leave you here . It was late afternoon " . Nawangwulan can not do anything . He could only nod and waved to six friends who fly slowly leaves Lake Toyawening . " Maybe it's my destiny to be the inhabitants of the earth " , he thought Nawangwulan tears .

Nawangwulan look desperate . Suddenly he unconsciously saying " Whoever can give me I'll make your clothes when she is a woman , but when he was a boy I'll make my husband " . Jake Tarub who had been noticed Nawangwulan gestures of happy smiling behind a tree . " At last my dream come true " , he thought .Jake Tarub out of hiding and walking towards the lake . He brought suit his late mother when she took home earlier . Jake Tarub immediately put clothes he was carrying on a large rock and said " I'm Jake Tarub . I brought clothes that you need. Take it and use it immediately . It was almost evening " .

Jake Tarub left Nawangwulan and waited behind a large tree where he was hiding . Soon Nawangwulan came to see him . " I Nawangwulan . I'm an angel from heaven who can not go back there because my dress is gone, " said Nawangwulan introduce myself . He meets the last word he said . Without doubt Jake Tarub Nawangwulan willing to accept as her husband .

Day by day , month turned into months , do not feel Jake Tarub household and Nawangwulan been blessed with a daughter named Nawangsih . No one suspected the villagers who actually Nawangwulan . Jake Tarub recognizes her as the girl who comes from a village far from the village .

Since her marriage to Nawangwulan , Jake Tarub feel very happy . However there is one thing on his mind over the years. Jake Tarub wonder why they seem to rice in the barn is not reduced even if cooked every day . Long long pile of rice was increasing . Harvest acquired regularly make their barns barely contain it fit again .

On one morning , Nawangwulan about to wash into the river . He entrusts Nawangsih on Jake Tarub . Nawangwulan also warned him not to open the lid is steamers rice was cooking .

While I was busy playing with Nawangsih who was one year old , Jake Tarub remembered rice being cooked his wife. Because it was already old , Jake Tarub want to see if the rice is cooked . Jake Tarub unwittingly opened the rice steamer . He forgot the message Nawangwulan .

How shocked by Jake Tarub see the steamer . Nawangwulan just cook rice sprig . He immediately thought of their rice inventories are gradually becoming more common . The question has been answered so far.

Nawangwulan who apparently had arrived at home staring angrily to her husband in the kitchen door . " Why are you breaking my message Mas ? " , He asked angrily . Jake Tarub could not answer . He was silent . " Gone are kesaktianku to change a sprig of paddy into rice basket " , continued Nawangwulan . " From now on I have to pound rice cook for us . Mas should therefore provide a mortar for me " .Jake Tarub regretted his actions . But what can I say , it was too late . From that day Nawangwulan always pounding rice to be cooked . Begin to look their grain stocks increasingly depleted . Even now it is remaining rice in the bottom of the barn .

As usual that morning Nawangwulan to the barn which is located in the backyard to take rice . When the rod is pulling rice straw is left a bit of it , Nawangwulan felt his hand holding something soft . Out of curiosity , Nawangwulan continue to draw the object . Nawangwulan instantly pale face stared recently successfully achieved . Angel dress and red shawl .. ! !

Various feelings raged in his heart . Nawangwulan felt himself deceived by Jake Tarub which has now become her husband . He apparently did not expect people who stole his heart is Jake Tarub . Soon the desire that never goes out of his heart became so strong . Nawangwulan wanted to go home , heaven .Tarub afternoon when Jake returned to his home , he did not find Nawangsih Nawangwulan and their children . Jake Tarub looking Nawangwulan he shouted , which was nevertheless sought to answer . The sun was already sinking. Jake Tarub suddenly standing in the yard saw something floating towards him . He watched for a moment .

Jake Tarub stunned . A few moments later he turned he saw was recognized that holding Nawangwulan Nawangsih . Nawangwulan looks very pretty with fairy outfit complete with a shawl . Jake Tarub felt himself shaking . He did not think that Nawangwulan rediscovered bidadarinya clothes . This means that the secret has been uncovered .

" How could you do this to me Jake Tarub ? " , Nawangwulan asked in a sad tone . " I'm sorry Nawangwulan " , the only words that could be spoken Jake Tarub . He looks very sorry . Nawangwulan can feel how Jake Tarub helpless in front of him .

"Now you have to bear the consequences of your actions Tarub Jake " , said Nawangwulan . " I will go back to heaven because I am a real angel. I do not belong here " , he continued . Jake Tarub not answer . He resigned Nawangwulan decision .

"You have to take care of themselves Nawangsih . From this moment we are not married anymore , "said Nawangwulan firmly . He was handed over to hug Jake Tarub Nawangsih . The little boy was still fast asleep . He did not realize that soon she would leave him .

" Whatever your fault me Jake Tarub , Nawangsih still my son. If he wants to see me one day , burn the rice straw , then I 'll go down to see him , " said Nawangwulan face staring Nawangsih . " Only one condition, you should not be together Nawangsih when I see him . Let him alone near the rice straw is burned , "continued Nawangwulan .

Jake Tarub with great sadness hold . He wanted to look tough . After Jake Tarub stating its ability not to meet again with Nawangwulan , the bidadaripun flew himself and Nawangsih . Jake Tarub could only stare at the departure Nawangwulan clutching Nawangsih . Truly unforgivable mistake . Nothing else he can do right now than treating Nawangsih well as messages Nawangwulan.

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