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Previously , in the Baliem Valley lived a tribe called tribe Walait . Baliem Valley is located atop Mount Jayawijaya is surrounded by large expanses of dense forest . In the woods there are many wild animals , especially wild boar . That is why , most of the tribal people Walait worked as a boar hunter . Most of their catch for the side dish eaten day-to- day , and some others for breeding .

Among the tribal population there was a girl named Waliat Jelita . He only lived together with his father because his mother had died . Daily , pretty girl works as a swineherd , while his father went to the forest to gather wood , tubers , and other forest products .

The father always told to avoid Jelita pigs graze around the lake , not far Walait residential areas." Jelita , my daughter ! Never you graze pigs around the lake ! "Said the father ." Well , Well , " replied the Jelita .

One day , his father Jelita forget the message . He let the pigs roam around Lake Walait . Grass around the lake was indeed grow lush and green because no one dared pigs graze there . While waiting for his pet pig grazing , pretty girl sitting under a tree shade . Not long after , pig - pig died suddenly after eating something lying on the shores of the lake . Seeing the incident , Jelita panicked .

" Oh , Dad would get mad at all if you know this, " muttered the Jelita .With feelings of fear , Jelita came home to tell the incident to her father . The father heard the bad news became angry .

" Basic child can not be set ! " Cried the father , "Dad told you to graze there , but you do not hear the advice of my father . Away from this house ! "" Jelita sorry , Dad ! Jelita actually forgot the advice of my father . Gosh Dad , do not expel Jelita ! Jelita not have anyone else besides my father , " whined Jelita in the presence of his father .

Although Jelita already whining , the father remains away. With a broken heart , poor girl was left home . Because it confused where to go , he decided to go to Lake Walait . At the edge of the lake , he sat down pondered the unfortunate fate .

" Yes , Lord ! There's no point anymore in this world to live slaves . Servants do not have anybody else , " she lamented .

After saying this , Jelita Walait plunge into the lake . On the authority of God , he turns into a little fish . Since then , that's the girl who has been fruitful a fish that lives in the lake .

Meanwhile , across Lake Walait , lived a tribe called Akeima also led by Hulogolik . The number of women in the tribe when it was still a little Akeima so many men who are not married , including Hulogolik . One time , Hulogolik go meditated in a cave to ask the gods to be awarded a wife to continue his descendants . When he was engrossed in meditation , he suddenly heard a voice whisper in his ear ."O , Hulogolik . If you get a wife , crowding out the existing Walai tribes around Lake Walait ! " The voice cried .

Hulogolik also obey the supernatural message . Along with members of his clan , tribal fighting Hulogolik Waliat and managed to drive them out of that place . Due to fatigue , the chief resting under a tree on the shore of Lake Walait to sleep . In lelapnya , he received an order from God in order to take off his head ."O , Hulogolik . Cut your head separated from your body up . After that , go to the lake Walait ! " Cried the Gods .

Once awakened , Hulogolik immediately obey the command . With a body without a head , he immediately plunged into the lake . The fish is in the lake that was entered into the body until it is full . After returning to shore , Hulogolik remove all the fish that is in his body onto the grass . After that , head and body back together . Miraculously , the fish suddenly transformed into beautiful girls beautiful. Apparently , the fish is the embodiment of the girls are often lost in the vicinity of Lake Walait . Finally , Hulogolik took home the girls to his village to marry and also the people of his tribe were indeed many who have not married .

However , unbeknownst Hulogolik , one of his men noticed his behavior when he plunged into the lake Walait . The next day , the people that want to do as by recourse to Hulogolik with evil spirits ." All right , I 'll help you , but on condition that you have to persuade Hulogolik Walait tribes to fight back , " said the demon .

The residents agreed that requirement. As a result , he managed to persuade his tribe 's head so that the battle between the two tribes was rekindled . The war claimed many victims . After the war finished , the men approached the lake Hulogolik Walait and perform such conduct as that of his master .

However , without realizing it anyway , it turns out there is a another citizen who peeked out from behind the bushes . As soon as he plunged into the lake without a head , peeping residents who took his head and quickly left . When the men came back Hulogolik ground , his head was not there . At that moment , he suddenly transformed into a giant snake .

The god who know about it to be angry with Hulogolik for failing to supervise its citizens ." Hi , Hulogolik ! Why did you attack the Walait without order? Because you have acted arbitrarily , then the punishment thrown you in the future as it will not rot anytime soon , "said the Lord in a dream Hulogolik .

Hulogolik was surprised when she woke up . He realized that he had been consumed by his men hasut it . However , what may be , for rice has become porridge . Hulogolik stay awaiting sentencing after he died later .

Meanwhile , isti Hulogolik has been reunited with his family . As they talked, suddenly there are people who mentioned about the loss of a resident on Lake Walait . He also admitted that he was the one separating the head and body of the Hulogolik men .

Heard the story , quick-quick runs towards the lake Hulogolik Walait . Arriving at the edge of the lake , suddenly a giant snake attack . The speed of the snake attacks to the point Hulogolik could not dodge . Finally , the Akeima chieftain was killed . His body was hard and black. Because nobody residents who witnessed the event , Hulogolik bodies still floating in the middle of the lake for days .

Residents who are in perkampung was getting anxious because their chiefs do not come home . Hulogolik wife also mobilized all citizens to look to Lake Walait . Saw the arrival of the people , the dragon immediately made ​​a big hole in the bottom of the lake and hid in it . He was afraid to go out because it would harm him .

Meanwhile , the new residents who arrived on the scene were struck by a body floating in the middle of the lake .

" Hey look , is not that the body Hulogolik ? " Shouted one resident ." Yeah , it seems right , " his wife said Hulogolik .

Some people immediately swam to the middle of the lake to retrieve the bodies Hulogolik . Not long after , the residents returned to the land by carrying the bodies of their chiefs . They then take the corpse back to the village to be buried in a honay ( Papuan traditional house ) . Miraculously , the corpse honay it really never rot.

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16 Maret 2015 00.26

The writer should work harder on vocabulary and grammar. I found some mistakes like the pronouns ("he & his" inspite of "she & her" to indicate Jelita). And what is "Basic Child cannot set" meaning in paragraph 6? Honestly, it feels like reading a kindergarten's writing.

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