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In ancient times , coastal areas Tobelo , North Maluku , have very abundant marine wealth . Various types of fish live in the area . One of them is fish papayana . This type of fish is very popular with local fishermen because the meat was delicious and had a lot of eggs are good to eat . In addition , fish eggs papayana believed to maintain the safety of fishermen while fishing at sea in bad weather conditions . It is very easy ie save the papayana fish eggs at home before heading out to sea .

Among the fishermen in the area , there was a fisherman named Malaihollo . Malaihollo has a wife and two children . The first son of a woman named O Bia Moloku while youngest son of a man who was a toddler named O Bia Mokara . To support his family , every day Malaihollo looking fish in the sea .One day , home from sea Malaihollo earlier than usual days because of very bad weather at sea . The wind blew hard and the waves are very ferocious . However , that day he managed to acquire a substantial papayana fish and lay many eggs . With happy hearts and move hurriedly , he brought the fish into the house to be left to his wife .

" Ma ... Ma ... , Papa come home ! " Exclaimed Malaihollo .Heard the cry , beloved wife immediately welcomed his arrival ."What is it , Papa ! Why Daddy is back from the sea ? Is not early in the morning ? " She asked surprised ." Look , Ma ! Papa brings a very big fish papayana . Please fish with eggs cooked now for our lunch later ! Papa wanted to return to the sea to fish , " message Malaihollo .

" Well , Pa ! " She replied as she brought the fish to the kitchen to be cooked .

Despite knowing very bad weather at sea , Wife Malaihollo still not considering the safety of her husband . He believes that by saving her husband papayana fish eggs will be fine for fishing.After cooked , fish and fish eggs are papayana he kept in the closet . After that , the wife Malaihollo intend to take the vegetables in the garden .

" Moloku , 'm going to the garden for a while . Do you eat fish that Mama store in the closet ! If you eat fish eggs , then your Dad would be in danger at sea , " message Malaihollo wife to his oldest son who was playing with his sister on the home page .

" Well , Mama ! " O Bia Moloku responsibility .Shortly after the mother left, suddenly O Bia Mokana crying because of hunger .

"Sister , sister hungry . Sister will eat fish eggs , " said O Bia Mokana ." Do not , my sister ! We should not eat the fish eggs before papa came home from the sea , " O Bia Moloku persuaded .

O Bia Moloku kept trying to persuade her sister to playing him in order not to think of the fish eggs . Initially , O Bia Mokana stop crying and get back to playing . However , every few moments later , O Bia Mokana back tears because it was no longer endure hunger .

"Sister , sister hungry . Sister would eat the fish eggs , "pleaded O Bia Mokana whining .

The longer , O Bia Mokana cry harder . In fact , she was crying and thrashing his body and roll - roll on the ground . Therefore feel sorry for her sister , O Bia Moloku also take some chunk of fish eggs in the closet and given to her sister . O Bia Mokana eat greedily so that the fish eggs gone in an instant . However , apparently some fish eggs was not filling the stomach O Bia Mokana so he returned to his brother asking for fish eggs .

" Brother, I'm still hungry . I asked for fish eggs anymore , "pleaded O Bia Mokana whining .Finally , O Bia Molaka give all fish eggs are there in the closet to his brother in order not whining anymore . With a happy heart , O Bia Mokana soon devoured the fish eggs until exhausted . Once full , the youngest Malaihollo was back playing happily .

Meanwhile , the mother who was still in the garden rushed back to the house because it was almost noon ."Well , I should go home . Soon my husband came home from the sea , " he muttered .

When he arrived home , his wife was very happy to see Malaihollo her children were playing happily in the yard. After putting her vegetables in the kitchen , he then carried the youngest . How wonderful heart O Bia Moloku be in the arms of her mother while bersendau - joke . By the time he was laughing , the mother saw many remains of fish eggs in between her teeth . The mother began to feel suspicious and anxious . He immediately took off the youngest of his arms and hurried to the kitchen to check on the eggs of fish kept in the closet . Once opened the cabinet , the mother immediately fly off the handle because the fish eggs have been left out without the slightest.

" O Bia Moloku ! Come on ! " Cried the mother ."What is it , Mama ? " Said O Bia Moloku ." Where is mother pepayana fish eggs keep in the closet ? " The mother said , looking worried ." Sorry But ... ! Mokara O Bia was crying whining want to eat the fish eggs . Moloku not bear to see her cry constantly . So , Moloku forced to give him the fish eggs , " said O Bia Moloku nervously .

Hearing her eldest child , like a middle-aged woman was struck by lightning . For a moment , he was stunned and his whole body was trembling . He felt no bad feeling towards her husband, who are looking for fish in the sea . Since her marriage , she always keeps her message . Therefore , he believed that the habit of saving the fish roe pepayana really proved its worth , her husband never got the time to go to sea disaster even in bad weather conditions .

" Well , because you did not obey the advice of parents , then forced to leave your Mama ! " Threatened her Mama .

" Forgive us , Mama ! Do not leave us ! " O Bia Moloku pity .The mother does not want to hear the words of his son . He immediately ran out of the house towards the beach . Seeing her mama go , the youngest was crying . O Bia Moloku soon holding his brother and pursued their mama .

" Mama , come back ! Cried the youngest ... The Youngest thirsty ... ! " Cried O Bia Moloku ." Peraslah katang leaves ! There is no milk , " the mother replied as he continued running .

Finally , O Bia Moloku pausing to squeeze katang leaves and watered his sister . Meanwhile , the farther the mother left them . After a full sister , O Bia Moloku immediately picked him and returned to pursue their mama . Once they arrived at the beach , the mother was standing in front of a large rock .

" Mama , do not leave us ! We promise not to violate counsel Mama , " O Bia Moloku pity .However , the determination to leave their mother can no longer be prevented . He immediately climbed on top of a large rock and said : "O , great rock ! Opened so that I could get in you ! "

Miraculously , the boulder gradually split into two . So large rock was wide open , the mother immediately went into it . After that , the mother asked the rock to be closed again ."O , Large Rock ! Mengatuplah ! " Cried the mother .

Heard the command , the stone was shut again very quickly without leaving gaps or cracks in the slightest . Needless to say , the wife Malaihollo it was swallowed by a large stone . Seeing the incident , O Bio Moloku and her sister continue their mama wept . Boulder Malaihollo wife swallows are then called Batu Belah . Until now , Batu Belah can still be found in areas of North Maluku .

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