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Including rare birds of paradise in Indonesia. This type of bird found only in Papua which also characterizes the island . Very beautiful fur color makes paradise dubbed as the bird of paradise ( bird of paradise ) . Therefore , some people believe that birds of paradise of Papua is the incarnation of an angel from heaven . But according to the Fakfak , paradise is the embodiment of a boy named Kweiya . How did it come ? Consider the story of The Origin of Birds of Paradise below .***

In ancient times there lived an old woman with a dog in the Mountains Bumberi females , Fakfak , West Papua Province . One day , an old woman with her ​​pet dog looking for food in the forest . That day , they had to walk quite a distance because food supplies around the house has begun to diminish . After walking quite a distance , they arrived at a place which is full of red fruit tree ( a kind of typical pandanus Papua ) who happened to have been fruitful . The old woman was immediately red fruit picking then given to a starving dog . Female dog was immediately gobbled up her red fruit looks fresh again .

However , a few moments later , the dog suddenly felt something moving in her stomach . Stomach was getting bigger bitch like being pregnant . Curiously, in the not too distant future , the bitch gave birth to a tiny puppy . Seeing this miracle , the woman also intends to take in order to get a descent red fruit as experienced by the dog .

" Oh , it's magic once red fruit , " she amazed . " I want to try the fruit so that I could give birth to a child. "The woman was immediately red berry fruit and ate it . Once he swallowed the fruit , her stomach suddenly experienced similar things with the dog , the longer belly getting bigger. Soon the woman hurried home to home . Arriving home , she finally gave birth to a boy . The child was named Kweiya .

Ten years later , Kweiya has grown into a teenager . Kweiya working very diligently to help her mother with open forest to be used as a vegetable garden . However, because it uses only a stone ax , he was only able to cut down one tree every day . Meanwhile , his mother could only help burn the leaves of the trees that had fallen . As a result , heavy smoke was billowing and soar into the air . Without them knowing it , it turns out the thick smoke has attracted the attention of an old man who was fishing in a river .

" Hi , from where thick smoke that ? Who is burning the forest ? " Muttered the old man .By curiosity , the old man immediately find the source of the thick smoke . After a tiring journey , he arrived at the place the smoke is coming from. There, she found a handsome teenager being cut down in the hot sun .

" Weing weinggiha pohi ( good afternoon ) , young man , " called the old man . " Who are you and why cutting down the forest here ? "" My name Kweiya . I want to make my mother's garden to help " responsible KweiyaThe old man understood that Kweiya was a devoted son to his parents . So he gave his iron ax to Kweiya ."Then , take the iron ax . You will be quickly cut down a tree , " said the old man . " Thank you sir , " replied Kweiya .

Kweiya also can get the job done quickly . In a short time , he was able to knock down some big trees . After that , he rushed home to tell the results of his work to his mother . His mother was very surprised at the news .

" How fast can you cut down the trees , my son ? What tools do you use ? " She asked surprised .Kweiya pause. He seems to want to keep the old man who had helped it ." I do not know too , Mom . Incidentally my hand was too light lifting ax can cut down a tree so quickly , "said Kweiya .

Hearing the answer , believe it Kweiya mother . Meanwhile , Kweiya requested that his mother prepare food that much . Apparently , Kweiya intends to invite the old man who ate together at once introduced him to his mother .

"Mom , tomorrow please prepare a lot of food , " pleaded Kweiya .The next day , the mother Kweiya cook enough food . Meanwhile , Kweiya want to make a surprise for her . When on the way back to his cabin , he wrapped the old man with a cane tree complete with leaves . Arriving home , the package is placed in front of the door . After that , he went into the house and as if feeling very thirsty . He also asked his mother to fetch a cane to satisfy their thirst ."Mom , I'm thirsty . Bring me a cane in front of the door , "pleaded Kweiya .

Kweiya mother had obeyed his request . When the mother opened the package leaves of sugarcane , he was very surprised to find an old man lying in a bundle . Instantly , she screamed in terror as he ran into the hut ." Kweiya , who the old man ? Why he was in that package ? "Asked her mother surprised .Kweiya smiled and reassured her .

" I'm sorry , ma'am , " said Kweiya . " I did not mean to scare her. Actually , that's an old man who has helped me cut down trees in the forest . I beg she will accept it as a life partner ! "

Kweiya mother was silent . After thinking a moment , he finally accepted his request . Since then , the old man lived with them . Kweiya and her mother did not feel lonely anymore .

A few years later , Kweiya mother gave birth to two boys and a girl from the marriage to the old man . Kweiya third considers his brother as the younger brother . They live in harmony and love each other . However , their fraternal relationship eventually became cracked because two younger brothers envied Kweiya . They are jealous because Kweiya always received special attention from their mothers .

One day , when their parents were into the garden , her siblings Kweiya swarmed by a mob . Though annoyed , Kweiya not bear to repay her siblings . He prefers to hide in one corner of the hut while spinning ropes of animal skin as much as possible . The spun yarn will be made ​​wings .

Meanwhile , Kweiya parents had just arrived from the garden . When knowing Kweiya was not at home , the mother then asked the brothers Kweiya .

" Where are you going brother ? " Said the mother." Do not know ma'am , " answered the second brother Kweiya simultaneously .

Both Kweiya brother is apparently afraid to tell the events that led to their fight Kweiya away from home . However , their youngest brother who witnessed the incident tell their mother . How sad to hear the story of the mother when her youngest daughter . He then yelling for Kweiya to quickly return home . However , not Kweiya coming , but the sound of birds is heard .

" Eek .. ek ... ek ... ek .. ! " so the bird sounds .The sound was turned voice Kweiya who have inserted yarn spun on his armpit and then jump to the top of the ridge and then fly to the top of one of the branches of trees in front of their house . Kweiya seems to have turned into a bird that is very beautiful and colorful feathers . Seeing the amazing thing , the mother also sobbed as she asked to Kweiya spun yarn .

" Kweiya , my son . Is there still a spun yarn for me ? " Said the mother ." The mother I paste in the umbrella mat , " said Kweiya .

The mother immediately took it and then insert the yarn spun on his armpit . After turning into a bird , he then pack - kepakkan wings and fly perched Kweiya following branches. That said , the two birds are now known as the bird of paradise is seen conversing with their chirping .

" Wong ... wong ... wong ... wong ... ! Ko ... ko ... kok ... ! Wo - Wik " they chirp so unknown means .Since then, the male and female birds of paradise often arise in Fakfak , West Papua , with different colors . By Onin society , male birds of paradise feathers tend to be longer then the LHA language called Siangga , while the female birds of paradise called Hanggam Tombor .

Both Kweiya brother who witnessed the miraculous events can only surrender abandoned by their mother and sister . They end up blaming each other so that they are throwing ash furnace . Their faces became dark gray , gray , and there is also a red color . Instantly it all, they were turned into a bird and then fly into the jungle to follow their mother and sister . That is why , in the jungle more Fakfak met by a variety of birds that are less interesting than the birds of paradise .***

Thus the story of the Origin of Birds of Paradise Fakfak , West Papua . The moral to be learned from the story above is that the nature of envy against his own brother as the two younger brothers Kweiya not merit , but it would be self-defeating .

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