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Once, in a village in Lampung , Indonesia , there lived a husband and wife along with seven of his daughters . To support his family , the father in the forest for firewood and sell it to the market . However , the results obtained are not enough for them to eat together . They never eat until you are full . In order to eat well without being bothered by his children , the father and the mother often put aside food for them to eat in the evening , in the seventh when his daughter was fast asleep .

On one night , the father and mother were enjoying dinner together . Without realizing it , the Youngest woke up and saw they were eating . The youngest brother was soon wake were still asleep .

" ... Brothers ! " Said the Youngest slowly .

The sixth brother awoke . When viewing both parents eat , they eat , too , so that makes both of their parents are not satisfied . It made them upset and intends to dispose of the seventh daughter .

Late one night , a husband and wife were consulted to dispose of the seventh daughter into the woods far from the village . However , again the youngest woke up and knew their plans . Secretly , the Youngest was prepared hazelnut many to mark the path that they took to get to the middle of the forest , so he and his brother could know the way home .

The next day , the father and the mother took her daughter to the woods with seven reasons to help them search for firewood . Arriving at the forest , the father quietly asks herd ape replied that if his sons called him , and the flocks of birds pecking order pagut tree that they thought the children 's father and mother were still in the woods . When the seven brothers were busy collecting firewood , the father took his wife to leave them secretly .

" My wife! Let us live this forest while they are busy collecting firewood , " the father whispered to his wife .

Finally , they leave the forest without the knowledge of the seventh daughter . Moments later , a voice calling her seventh .

" Mom ... Dad ... ! Where you at ? " Shouted the seventh child simultaneously .

Heard the cry , and the answer was a herd of monkeys pugut bird pecking a tree . The seventh child was returned to continue his work , thinking that their mom and dad were still in the woods . Pagut monkeys and birds flock continues to respond and peck the tree . Over time they were upset and tired . When the seventh child was again called out parents meraka , monkeys and birds flock pagut is just silent . At that moment , the seventh child realize that both their parents had left them . The eldest son was confused , because it does not know the way home.

" My brothers ! Are any of you still remember the way to go home ? " Said the Eldest .

" I , Sister ! " Said the youngest with alacrity .

" How can you remember the way home , youngest ? Is not this a very dense forest , "asked Big Sis .

" Quiet , Sister ! My sister had marked the path from the house to the woods with pecans . We just follow the direction of the scattered pecan street we have been through , "said the youngest .

" Well ... you're so smart , my sister ! " Said the Eldest , smiling.

The seventh child was down the street that has been marked with pecans by the Youngest . Finally , they arrived at the house . When entering the house , they found their parents are eating . Without invited , they soon come to eat , so that both parents feel full again . The father and mother also grew annoyed . The presence of the seventh daughter really makes them uneasy .

A few days later , the couple was back plans to dispose of the seventh daughter into the woods . However , they plan to be known by his youngest daughter . When they go into the woods , the Youngest bring corn seeds to mark the way they are going through . Arriving at the forest , as usual herd of monkeys and birds replied - nyahut pagut pecking a tree , and that's when the father and mother abandon her children .

When the seven brothers were again screaming for his parents , monkeys and birds flock pagut is just silent . Finally , the seventh child was aware that their parents had left them . But bad luck for the seventh child , they do not know the way back home , because corn kernels that have been stocked by the Youngest in the bird devoured . Eventually they were lost in the woods .

The seventh child brothers walked toward the feet follow where they are heading. After a long walk , they arrived at a field that is populated by two giant spouses . At that time , they saw the two giants that were bathing in the river which is located on the edge of the field .

" Hi , it seems that the evil giant . They would eat us if they see us here , " said the Eldest .

" What should we do ? " Said the second child .

" Quiet , Sister ! Sister had a way to conquer the giant , "said the youngest .

"How , youngest ? " Said the Eldest .

' Brother will make the river water became itchy to and fro , so that the two giant bodies will feel itching. When it is , they definitely would run to his cabin . But first, you must remove the hut rope and make a fire underneath. Well , when the second monster up the hut, they would fall into the fire , "said the youngest .

After hearing the instructions the Youngest , sixth brother was immediately untied the hut and a fire underneath. After they finished performing their duties , the Youngest immediately take fro then rub in the headwaters . Not long after , the two giants who are engrossed in the shower suddenly felt his body itching . Because they could not help feeling itchy , they ran to his cabin . Needless to say , when climbing hut , they too fell into the fireplace to death .

Finally , the seventh child siblings decided to stay in that area . They made ​​seven huts and fields of giant divide it into seven parts . They grow rice and flowers fragrant in their respective fields . When their flowers bloom , the fields they are often approached by kenui (a type of large -bodied eagle ) . The birds like to build nests and lay eggs in their fields . Of the seven brothers , the youngest only allowing the birds nesting in the flower fields . Received permission from the Youngest , kenui immediately make a nest . After laying eggs , birds kenui it go and never come back again .

One day , after returning from his farm , the youngest saw the smoke in the hut . What a surprise when he goes into his cabin . He saw a handsome young man was cooking rice for him .

"Excuse me , sir ! Who are you and from where ? "Asked the youngest .

The young man was telling his origins that he was out of eggs kenui . Finally , they were met and liked each other . Several months later , they were married and lived happily . Apparently , the Youngest marriage with the young man makes his sixth envy and intend to harm his sister .

One day , when the youngest was washing clothes on the river bank , the sixth brother pushed her into the river . The youngest was washed away and then swallowed by a great fish . Because of a glut , the big fish resting on the river bank . At that time , a grandmother who was bathing in the river bank saw . Without thinking , the grandmother immediately took his machete and menghujamkannya into the fish's body . Miraculously , his machete can not hurt . Exasperation , his grandmother was resting under a tree , thinking to figure out how to catch fish . While we were busy resting , he suddenly heard a bird singing .

" Bolidang bolidangi pabeli iwa custody, " the song of the bird .

Initially , the grandmother did not understand the meaning of the song lyric sung the bird. After listening carefully , he finally understood that in order to cut the fish must use belidang leaves . Without thinking , the grandmother immediately took belidang leaves are widely available on the riverbank . With belidang leaves it , he also managed to cut up the fish meat . How shocked he was when he saw a beautiful girl who is still alive out of the fish 's body .

" Hey , pretty girl ! Who and why you can be in the belly of the fish ? " Said the grandmother was surprised .

The Youngest was told all the events that happened until he could be in a fish's belly . The grandmother was very moved to hear the story of the youngest . Because compassion , his grandmother was making the Youngest as his adopted son . Since then , the youngest lives with his grandmother .

Meanwhile elsewhere , the Youngest husband frantically looking for his wife . He had asked her six siblings , but nobody wants to reveal the whereabouts of his wife. Finally , he decided to go look for his wife along the riverbank . After months of walking , he finally found a hut by the river . He went up to the hut to ask where his wife to shack owner .

" Excuse me , is there anybody in there?" The Youngest husband shouted from outside the hut .

Not long after , they saw an old woman was opening the door . Once the door is open , the old woman asked him .

" There is a grandmother who can help you, young man ," asked the old woman .

The Youngest husband was told about the wanderings looking for his missing wife . The Youngest who heard the story from inside the hut shed tears , because her husband was moved to tears loyalty . The old woman then told the man that in his hut there is a beautiful woman who was found on the belly of the fish a few months ago .

" Young Man ! Grandma had a beautiful woman in the hut . Try to see , perhaps he whom you seek your wife ! " Said the old woman .

The grandmother was calling the Youngest to get out of the hut . How surprised and happy the man when he saw a woman coming out of a hut that was his wife . Without hesitation , he immediately embraced his wife , and the youngest had hugged her husband tightly . Moment , the atmosphere in the hut became silent . Not felt , the tears were streaming down my grandmother as thrilled to see his adopted son could be reunited with her ​​husband . Similarly, the youngest husband , he was very happy to have found her again . Prior brought home his wife , the youngest husband does not forget to thank the grandmother , for saving the life of his wife .

" Thank you , Grandma ! Grandma had treated my wife well , " said the youngest husband .

After that , a husband and wife said goodbye to the grandmother . Once they were in the hut , the sixth brother came to apologize to the Youngest . The Youngest forgive them , because from the beginning he never felt resentment , although the sixth sister had her harm . Since then , the Youngest lived happily with her husband and living in harmony with the sixth brother .

By : Cerita Rakyat Indonesia "Bahasa Inggris"
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