Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Putri yang menjadi Ular

Released by: Unknown | Released On: September 07, 2013 |
On the edge of a small forest green , a sparkling clear water lake called the morning sun . The quiet rippling surface when a pair of beautiful legs pushing it . The owner was a princess who was sitting on a large rock protruding from the bottom of the lake . Ah how lovely she was . Even the birds were amazed at him. Princess of the kingdom is in a country in the region which is famous Simelungun very handsome . Is the desire of the Prince and Men Dozens of nobility . And now a prince from across the country have come to ask for her hand .

A pair of fish jumping at her feet interrupted his reverie .
" Ah how happy these two fish . They must have a pair of lovers who love each other . Soon I will be as happy as them , " thought the princess , smiling a little .

Some Dayang who accompanied the Princess , sitting on the edge of the lake noticed the Princess's behavior is intermittent blushed and smiled shyly .

" Look at our princess . Oh he must have been dreaming about her wedding plans with the Prince of the kingdom which he said was very handsome neighbor . After dozens of the coming Prince , King finally decided to accept the proposal of this one , " said one of Dayang .

" Why ? What 's so special about Prince ? " Said Dayang other .

" I do not know . How could I know , "said Dayang first .

" Come on ! Tell me what you know , "urged another Dayang .

"I do not know much , " said Dayang Dayang confidence apparently first daughter . "This morning, call Princess Majesty facing . Prince of the royal envoy said neighbors came to propose to her . Very large and powerful kingdom . So according to King , if he receives the proposal , the power will automatically unite the two countries . "

" Is the lady immediately accepted ? " Said Dayang second .

" Yes , of course . Princess is a dutiful son . He knows this marriage will bring goodness to the whole country , " said First Lady .

"Then , soon there will be a big party donk ! Asyiiiiik . , " Exclaimed Lady -in-waiting .

" Ah , long still . There are still two months away . The party will indeed massive , so it took a long time to prepare , "said the First Lady .

" Oh my God . Hopefully princess is always happy , " prayer all Dayang .

" Our task now is to keep the princess so that there is not anything that would invalidate the marriage , " said Dayang Dayang first greeted other nod .

" Aunt Dayang ... ! " Exclaimed the Princess.
The Dayang immediately run to their master . They help the body to cleanse skin Daughter increasingly visible charming . Then they wash their hair long and black so fragrant. Then the Lord let them soak Dayang enjoy the cool waters of the lake . That's the Princess habits , he never rushed out of the water after cleaning the body .

Suddenly the wind blowing hard shake all the trees on the edge of the lake . Sizable a twig , broke and fell on the face of Princess without a chance to avoid it .
" Aaaa ..... ! " Daughter scream in pain .

Lady's maid to help daughter immediately ran out of the lake . Between the fingers of the lady who was still covering his face , fresh blood flowing . They frantically try to stop . But was surprised when I realized they had lost daughter turns nose door.

" Quick get me a mirror ! " Daughter command .

With fear , they immediately handed a mirror .
" Tidaakkk ... ! " Cried Princess melancholy . " Oh God . My face was deformed . How am I supposed to marry Prince if my face was that bad . He certainly did not want to see me . " [ Click here to read other Indonesian folklore ]

Daughter cries lamenting the unfortunate fate . He was so terrified anger prince if he knew his bride was as beautiful as he had imagined . Country might be attacked , because they have been lied to . Or other bad things . He could not imagine the grief the father and mother .

" God , you'd better punish me . Hilangkanlah me from this world . I can not see my parents again , "lamented Princess .

Lightning strikes were accompanied by thunder boomed so Princess said his prayers . All who were there screamed in terror . They are getting scared when I saw Princess body is slowly overgrown scales like a snake . The first Dayang immediately ran to the palace to tell the king and queen .

" What ? My daughter turned into a snake ? How can that be? "Cried the Queen as she sobbed .

" Come on, we all go see it . Maybe we can still help him , "King said , pulling her hand . Royal physician was asked to participate without running behind the King .

Arriving at the lake , Princess has not looked back . Staying ladies who still crying loudly infest large snake curled up on a large rock .

" My daughter ... ? " Exclaimed the Queen shock .

The big snake turned around and stuck out his tongue . From his eyes the tears flowed . His view is so heartbreaking as if to say sorry and goodbye .

" Princess . What happened son ? "Cried the King and Queen .

"Hurry up please her physician ," cried the King .

But the great snake shook his head and leave them to the forest . No matter how hard the King and Queen called him , that poor Princess still dimmed into the forest . Since the daughter was never returned . It is a lesson for us to say a prayer always good and always think calmly . Because what if we are already saying the bad and then granted ? Horrible is not it ?

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