Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Puteri Junjung Buih

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Is exactly the story of a kingdom named Amuntai in South Kalimantan . The kingdom was ruled by two brothers . The older king named Patmaraga , or given the nickname King Tua . His brother the young king named Sukmaraga . Both the king does not have any sons or puteri.Namun between them , Sukmaraga a great desire to have a son . Every night he and his queen in order to appeal to the gods blessed with a pair of twin sons . The desire seems to be granted by the gods . He got directions to go meditate to an island near the city of Banjarmasin . In the hermitage , he gets to ask his wife wangsit kastuba eating flowers . Sukmaraga started to follow the orders . Correct as per instructions of the gods , a few months later the queen was pregnant . She gave birth to twins a very beautiful face . Hearing this , the desire to have a son of old King anyway . Then he begged the gods to be blessed with sons . Old king dreamed told god imprisoned in the Great Temple , which is located outside the city Amuntai . Old king 's instructions were followed . When finished running the hermitage , on the way home he found the girl alone are floating in a river . The baby is floating above segumpalan froth . Therefore , a very beautiful baby was later titled Princess Uphold scum .

Old king then ordered the foreman palace , Datuk Pujung , to take the baby . However, the royal entourage was surprised , because the baby was already able to speak . Prior to his appointment of the bubbles , the baby ditenunkan ask for a piece of cloth and a blanket to be completed in half a day . He also asked to be picked up by forty men and women cantik.Raja tuapun menyayembarakan request the baby . He promised to appoint people who can meet the demands of the baby to be caretakers of this princess . Contest was eventually won by a woman named Queen Kuripan . In addition to clever weaving , she began to have supernatural powers . Not only he can meet the requirements of the short time , the Queen Kuripan any work done was amazing. Fabrics and quilts ditenunnnya very beautiful . As promised , then raised the old king queen princess Kuripan become caregivers Uphold the scum . He joined a large role in nearly every important decision concerning the princess .

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