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Prabu Panggung Keraton

Masanggrahan Dayeuh royal gig is a small kingdom led by a king named King Stage palace . Although this very small but prosperous kingdom and its people well-being . The prabu has a very beautiful sister named Princess Rarang Purbaratna . Wat Dayeuh community believe that their daughter is the incarnation of an angel because Rarang Purbaratna daughter has a very sweet face . Her beauty is beyond words . And long hair as black as the night unraveled Virgin tub . He was tall , slim and adorned with pearly skin . His eyes were clear and always shining like a star . Black his eyebrows arched like a bow . Aquiline nose and lips as red as a pomegranate . The perfect beauty with a good attitude princess hearts and always casting a charming smile .

However prabu Stage Keraton very worried because up to the age of a teenager , the daughter Rarang Purbaratna yet to get a mate . So one day prabu Stage Sultan summoned his favorite sister .

" Rayi daughter , no one wanted to ask Kakang Rayi . It concerns the future Rayi . And Kakang hope Rayi come clean on Kakang , "said prabu .

" Regarding what Kakang ? "Asked the princess .

" Rayi ... Rayi now a teenager . Dsn Rayi Kakang felt it was time to get a mate . If Kakang may know , have no choice young hearts? "Asked prabu .

" Boy Kakang . Rayi have long thought about this , but it Rayi not yet know who will be Rayi mate . For Rayi not matter who's going to be a companion Rayi . As long as he can meet the requirements Rayi , then Rayi will accept it . "Said the daughter .

" Hmmm ... what requirements Rayi " asked prabu .

" The requirement is simply to explain the puzzle of Rayi ! " Said the princess .

"What does the riddle ? " Asked prabu .

"Look :
Terrace kale liver Bitung
Used ducks in the depths
Used goose on Bantar
Used ants on a rock
Dried rice leaf menjarum
Small horn comb cat
Siisr big horn horse
Kemben Layung kasunten
decorated with rainbow
Write a mega line sky
Length about the universe
Diamond the size of a pumpkin ...

That saying, "said the princess .

The next day prabu Stage Sultan sent hundreds of messengers who spread all over the country , even to distant lands .

So it is not how long the courtyard was filled with thousands of young and even the old men who want to join the competition . Unfortunately none of them were able to solve the puzzle .

A few days later a lot of the kings of the neighboring countries that have heard about the beauty news Rarang Purbaratna daughter began to arrive . But they also failed . One of a king who was also named prabu Elephants failed Menggala of Kuta Genggelang kingdom . King Elephant Mangala very disappointed with his failure . He vowed to attack the kingdom Dayeuh wat if someday Rarang Purbaratna daughter met her match .

Meanwhile, Prince Munding array of Padjadjaran kingdom already Pakuan days wandering in the ocean , accidentally stranded in the kingdom Dayeuh gig . Prince Munding Array is a young man who is very handsome and dashing . He did odyssey in order to add insight and experience before he ascended the throne of his father who had been old replaces . Besides his mother also wished the prince Munding Array will find a soul mate in his journey. Equip his father prince Munding array with an image named Nusa Thirty Three - Bengawan Sewidak Five , he was there later Munding Array prince will meet a mate . Prince is also equipped with a weapon called Weapon Million Malang and a keris named Kris Crow Karancang . [ Indonesian folklore collection ]

Prince , accompanied by his assistance decided to continue the journey by land . After walking away eventually they reached a plateau . Idly prince opened the rendered image of his father . Was surprised because it was the area with the exact same picture holds. Then the prince and his followers decided to meet the king of the country.

Stage King Keraton gladly accept the arrival of Prince Munding array . He explained that the country is holding a contest to get his only sister . Array Munding prince decided to join the contest and was able to solve the puzzle of the princess with ease .

" It means that every welfare science is the way to salvation . It was called a true void . Which means that the true origin and true life . Anyone who already understand this, then it will certainly meet with the welfare and safety . And that is what is called true perfection , "said the prince Munding array .

Because the prince managed to guess the meaning of the riddle , then the prince Munding Lariklah who won the contest and the right to marry the daughter Rarang Purbaratna . Then immediately held a massive wedding . All the people of the country Dayeuh Mangung cheered and partying in the palace .

Not so with the king who failed to marry the daughter Rarang Purbaratna . One of them prabu Elephant Menggala . He intends to carry out his vow to disturb the tranquility of country Dayeuh gig . He then went to Goa to meet Jotang Jonggrang Kalapitung famous stealth magic and asked him to kidnap the daughter of Purbaratna .

Of course it is easy for the stealth . He found the room easily Rarang Purbaratna daughter who was asleep . But when he saw the beauty of the princess , Jonggrang Kalapitung fall in love . Instead kidnapped princess to be brought to the Elephant Menggala prabu , Jonggrang Kalapitung even hide it .

Stage King Keraton very angry knowing his sister was kidnapped . He sent his assistance to meet prabu Menggala Elephants are believed to be the mastermind of kidnapping his sister . But his assistance even meet death at the hands of Gajah prabu Menggala . Stage prabu then decided to confront his own palace . So he went to Kuta Genggaleng country .

When they meet to fight . Both are equally powerful. Various tactics and knowledge they incur . Finally late in the afternoon , prabu Elephants are already exhausted Menggala be defeated by prabu Stage palace . With fears Menggala Elephant King for mercy and promised to return the daughter Rarang Purbaratna . So he immediately met Jonggrang Kalapitung and brought back to the country Purbaratna Rarang daughter .

But apparently Jonggrang Kalapitung who had fallen in love still keep a sense of joy to the daughter Rarang Purbaratna . Then a few months later when the princess was pregnant , took her back Jonggrang Kalapitung . But on a trip Rarang Purbaratna daughter had twins , so Jonggrang Kalapitung decided to transform itself into a huge snake and swallow the princess and her twins left in the middle of the forest .

King Stage palace after finding that both twins . Magic once , even though they are still babies could run so the prabu also be advised that they are not babies haphazardly . So the three of them were soon chasing a big snake that swallows Rarang Purbaratna daughter . After going through a very exciting fight , Jonggrang Kalapitung keris was killed tertebas prabu Stage palace .

Eventually they managed to pull out Rarang Purbaratna daughter who was still alive and returned to the land of Dayeuh gig . And they live happily .

As soon as the end of Indonesian folklore palace of King Stage .

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