Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Lutung Kasarung

Released by: Unknown | Released On: September 14, 2013 |
Prabu Tapa Agung pointed Purbasari , youngest daughter as a replacement . " I'm getting too old , time for me to step down , " said Prabu Tapa .

Purbasari has an older brother named Purbararang . He appointed his brother disagreed replace their father . " I Eldest daughter , father should choose me as his successor , " grumbled Purbararang her fiance called Indrajaya . Kegeramannya who already have intentions to harm him culminated sister . He met a witch to spell Purbasari . Purbasari witch 's spell that right then Purbasari skin suddenly became black Popcorn . Purbararang so had no reason to evict his brother . " People who cursed as he does not deserve to be a queen ! " Purbararang said .

Then he sent a regent for Purbasari exile to the forest . Arriving in the duke forest still kind enough to make a hut for Purbasari . He also advised Purbasari , " Be brave lady. Ordeal will surely end , the Almighty will surely be with Princess " . " Thank you uncle ," said Purbasari .

While in the forest he had many friends that animals were always good to him . Among these animals there is a mysterious black hairy ape . But ape the most attention to Purbasari . Purbasari monkey Kasarung always encouraging to get beautiful flowers and fruits with his friends .

At the time of the full moon night , monkey Kasarung acting strange . He walked to a quiet place and meditate . He was begged something to the Gods . This proves that the monkey Kasarung not unusual creatures . Not long afterwards , the land near the monkey broke and created a small lake , the water is crystal clear . The water contains a drug that is very fragrant .The next day Kasarung monkey see Purbasari and asked him to bathe in the lake . " What's in it for me ? " , Thought Purbasari . But he was willing to oblige . Shortly after he threw himself . Something happened to her skin . His skin became clean as before and he became beautiful again . Purbasari very surprised and excited when he ditelaga the mirror .

In the palace , Purbararang decided to see his sister in the woods . He went with his fiancee and the guards . When they reached the forest , he finally met his brother and looked at each other . Purbararang could not believe her sister back to normal . Purbararang do not want to lose face , he took a long shootout Purbasari hair . " Who is the longest hair he has won ! " , Said Purbararang . Purbasari initially did not want to , but because he continues to serve his brother urged . Purbasari hair turns out to be longer.

" Well I lost , but now let's shoot our handsome fiance , 's fiance ' , said he approached the Indrajaya Purbararang . Purbasari became restless and confused . Finally she looked , and pulled his hand Kasarung monkey . Kasarung monkey jumping up and down as if to calm Purbasari . Purbararang laugh , " So the monkey 's fiance? " .

At that moment meditating monkey Kasarung soon . Suddenly there was a miracle . Kasarung monkey turn into a handsome young man looking extremely dashing , more than Indrajaya . All surprised to see it as he cheered . Purbararang finally admitted defeat and guilt over this . He apologized to his brother and begged not to be punished . Purbasari kindly forgive them . After the incident they all eventually returned to the palace .

Purbasari be a queen , accompanied by a young man of her dreams . The young man who apparently has always been with him in the woods in the shape of a monkey .

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