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Indonesian folklore originating West Sumatra .

In the 7th century the kingdom of Barus Kingdom Rule a pretty famous king , King Jayadana . Subordinate kingdom centered in entering the Islamic era and the City Beriang Guguk City near Tower Kadai now . At the moment there are three major cities there include town . Barus empire was at the height of its power . , Thanks to abundant crops ruahd an extremely rare commodity producers needed in his day . Call it Barus chalk Kingdom 's oldest port in the world there is to be a center of international trade .

The most important of all the excess " ter " , the king Jayadana have an empress ( Empress ) sniper his beautiful daughter . Along with the arrival of merchants and foreign governments to increasingly santerlah Barus news about the beauty queen . Some of the king who was amazed to hear the news later today berspekulasihendakmerebut Putei sniper . And of course , to be able to have it is not easy . Kesemsem kings of romance among others , King Janggi of Sudan , Africa and the King Sanjaya of Mataram kingdom . Of course not counting the merchants and sailors pockets just shrimp and crab . Two great kingdoms over to hold the power of war to get two possibilities : the fall of a prosperous Kerajana following Barus queen nan cantk beautiful. But one person from among them , the King of China came to woo well .

In the title of this power parade , King Sanjaya managed to win the battle of Java . Jayadana king died and his wife Princess sniper successfully captured . He had held captive by for not dipersunting amicably . Because the king Sanjaya Hindu kingdom while Jayadan known as the Islamic empire and became something that principle . Thus was born the poem :
City Guguk city Bariang
Third city in Muara
Cock crowed during the day
Daughter captive sniper Java

But apparently secretly King Janggi forces gather strength and attack blindly Sanjaya . Panic because a new battle going on in the area makes the city Guguk Barus and center porakporanda royal palace . While King Janggi succeeded in defeating King Sanjaya , the remaining group of loyal bodyguard of the royal palace Jayadana with the Queen's ladies in waiting to get rid of the sniper Princess royal dictators to Morsala island . In this breakout group equipment brought along daughter sniper berceberan islands , the islands called the name of the corresponding name of the scattered items , among others : Situngkus Island , Islands Fold Woven , Terika Island , Island Princess and others. [ read collection of Indonesian folklore ]

Catch up to the king Janggi Morsala Island and when they wanted to embrace the queen who had his nose in front , princess banged sniper sticks auspicious roots bahar ( Barus King legacy stick ) to the head of the King Janggi . Pantunnya following :
Island Princess Island hoster
Third child Janggi Island
White pedestal cushion bermiang
Toxins in the liver plays

Serve well as a white pedestal , but unfortunately pillow bermiang , people who sleep so gets around. Another poem called supporters , lebatlah rain in Morsala / flower Kembanglah the orangutan / star in the sky got one / afford the waves of the sea ; Tarika Island Trays island / island three folding fabric / broken lander dropped anchor / bow berkesar to another path .

In the pursuit of endless , the weak woman nan shapely Miss sniper desperate and jumped into the sea , disappeared without a trace .

One of her maid named Sikambang Bandahari a young man in the affairs of daily royal household , children of poor fishermen . Thus , Sikambang bitterly mourned , mourn loss of employer , suicide regret the empress , sorry attitude brutal tyrant kings , blamed herself was unable to maintain the safety of Princess sniper . Lamentations Sikambang extends uninterruptedly , from day to day , the legendary offensive lament all aspects , fame , glory , beauty picture of peacefulness to the daughters of Barus and so on .

Puteri Islam empire at its apex sniper rich with art and culture . 7th century AD , the coastal community already has its own culture , arts such as harpoons 12 , bersanggu predicted , bakonde , berinai , sharpening gear , water down , berkambabodi , canopied yellow cloth , yellow umbrella , screened ceilings and so on .

Thus folklore narrated sniper Puteri Indonesia .

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