Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Legenda Danau Si Lancang

Released by: Unknown | Released On: September 10, 2013 |
Once tersebutlah a story,
Kampar area in ancient times the Lancang live with his mother . They live with the very poor .they both
worked as a laborer.

To improve his life , then The Lancang intend wander . One day he asked permission of the mother and the teacher ngajinya . His mother was advised that in the future shoreline Si Lancang always remember the mother and her hometown . His mother advised that The Lancang not be disobedient child.
The Lancang is also a promise to his mother . The moment her mother was moved to his knees to worship Lancang ask blessings . His mother provided him a pack of lumping dodak , cake craze Si Lancang.
After years of wandering , apparently The Lancang very lucky . He became a wealthy merchant . He has dozens of merchant ships . Dikhabarkan he had seven wives . They all come from a wealthy merchant family . While his mother , still living in Kampar in a very poor state.

One day , The Lancang sailed to Andalas . The voyage he brought his wife to seven . Together they brought too fancy supplies and tools in the form of musical entertainment . When docked in Kampar , the musical instruments sounded boisterous . Meanwhile silk fabrics and a variety of gold and silver ornaments held . Everything was prepared to give the impression of luxury and wealth Lancang Si .
The news of the arrival of Lancang heard by his mother . With compassion , he rushed to greet the arrival of the only child . Because of poverty , he only wore an old shawl , sarong kebaya worn and patched . With the courage she rose to her luxury decks Si Lancang.

So said that he was his mother Si Lancang , no sailor ever believe . With a ballpark he drove the old lady . But she did not want to leave . He insisted to be reunited with his son Si Lancang . The situation caused a commotion.

Heard a noise on deck , Si Lancang accompanied by his wife came to the place seventh . How shocked he was when the woman saw that tattered that it was his mother expelled . Lancang 's mother said, " How dare you ... my son ? Oh ... what a longing heart to you Ma . Hearing the greeting , the Lancang congkaknya dismissed . Son even this ungodly scream , " Where could I have a mother like you poor woman . Sailor ! expel this crazy woman . "

This poor mother finally came home with a feeling devastated . Arriving at the house , and then he took his inheritance . Heirloom in the form of a mortar and a pestle rice nyiru . As he prayed , the mortar and screened - swivel - kibaskannya dikibas nyiru inheritance . He also said , " My Lord ... punish the child of sin . "

In an instant , a hurricane came down . The storm blows so fierce that in the blink of destroying merchant ships belonging Si Lancang . Not just ship it shattered , his property also flew everywhere . Silk fabric hovering and falling into foreign Fold fabric located in Kampar Kiri . Gong and thrown into a river Kampar Kanan Oguong . Tembikarnya drifted into Pasubilah . The mast of the ship while the Lancang thrown up to get in a lake called Lake Si Lancang .

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