Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : La Dana dan Kerbaunya

Released by: Unknown | Released On: September 08, 2013 |
La Dana is a farm boy from Toraja. He is most famous for his ingenuity. Sometimes ingenuity that he used to deceive people. So that it becomes cunning ingenuity.

One day he and his friends are invited to attend the party of death. It is the custom in the land of Toraja that every guest will get buffalo meat. He was given a Dana rear foot portion of the buffalo. While his friend received nearly all parts of the buffalo that except for the hind legs.
Then La Fund proposes to her to combine the meat part of it and exchange it for a buffalo live. The reason is they can maintain it until the fat of animals before slaughter. They were lucky because the proposal is accepted by the host.

A week after the La Dana getting impatient waiting for that buffalo fat. One day he went to a friend's home, where the buffalo were, and said, "Let's cut this animal, I've wanted to eat meat." His friend replied, "Wait until the animal was a little plump." Then La Dana suggested, "Let's just cut my part, and you can keep the animal further." His friends think, if the buffalo hind legs cut off then he will die. Then his friend persuaded him to La Dana attack. He promised to give La Fund forefoot of the buffalo.
A week after the La Funds come again and again requested that the cut parts. Once again to persuade his friend. He promised that the body of water buffalo origin La funds would delay the point. Just a few days later La Dana had her back home. He again requested that the animal was cut.

This time his friend was getting impatient, he angrily said, "Why do not you just take this buffalo and gentlemen! And do not come back to bother me." He funds went home happily carrying a fat buffalo.

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