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Raden Putra was the king of the Kingdom Jenggala . He was accompanied by a consort of a kind and his beautiful concubine . However , the concubine of King Raden Putra has properties envy and jealousy against the empress . He devised a bad to the empress . " Supposedly , I became empress . I had to find a way to get rid of the empress , " he thought .
Concubine of the king , conspired with a royal physician . He pretends to be ill . Royal physician immediately summoned . The doctors said that there was someone who had put poison in the drink princess . " That man is none other than his own consort Majesty , " said the physician . Majesty was angry to hear the explanation royal physician . He immediately ordered his assistance to get rid of the empress to the forest .
The governor immediately bring the pregnant queen into the wilderness . But , a wise governor would not kill him . Apparently the governor already know the king's concubine malice . " The princess does not have to worry , I will report to the king that the princess was killed servant , " said the governor . To trick the king , the duke smeared his sword with rabbit blood were captured . Bear king satisfied when the governor reported that he had killed the empress .
After a few months of being in the woods , the child was born empress . The infant was given the name Cindelaras . Cindelaras grow into a child who is smart and handsome . Since childhood he had been friends with the animal inhabitants of the forest . One day , when it was playing , an eagle dropped an egg . " Hmm , good eagle once . Eggs he accidentally gave it to me . " After 3 weeks , the eggs hatch . Cindelaras diligently maintains chicks . The chicks grow into a cock nice and strong . But there is one oddity . The sound of a rooster crowing it's absolutely stunning ! " ... My lord Kukuruyuk Cindelaras , his house in the middle of the jungle , coconut leaf roof , her father Raden Putra ... "
Cindelaras was amazed to hear the crowing chickens and immediately showed his mother . Then , the mother Cindelaras recount the origins of why they were in the woods . Hearing the mother's story , Cindelaras determined to go to court and expose evil king's concubine . After his mother 's permission , Cindelaras go to the palace accompanied by a rooster . When in the course of a few people who are risking chicken . Cindelaras then called by the penyabung chicken . " Come , if you dare , adulah jantanmu chicken with my chicken , " she challenged . " All right , " replied Cindelaras . When pitted , apparently Cindelaras rooster fight gallantly and in a short time , he can beat his opponent . After a few times pitted , chicken Cindelaras not invincible . Chicken is really tough .
News about the greatness of chicken Cindelaras spread quickly . Raden Putra was to hear the news . Then , Raden Putra asked to invite Cindelaras hulubalangnya . " Servant facing your majesty , " said Cindelaras politely . " The boy is handsome and smart , like he was not a descendant of the common people , " thought the king . Cindelaras chicken with chicken Raden Putra pitted on one condition , if chicken Cindelaras then he was willing to lose his head chopped off , but if you win then half chicken Raden Putra wealth belongs Cindelaras .
Two chickens that fought valiantly . But in a short time , succeeded in conquering chicken chicken Cindelaras King. The audience cheered and cheered Cindelaras chicken . " Okay I admit defeat . I will keep my promise . But , who are you , young man ? " Tanya King Raden Putra . Cindelaras immediately bent like whispering something in his chicken . Not how long the chicken immediately rang . " ... My lord Kukuruyuk Cindelaras , his house in the middle of the jungle , coconut leaf roof , her father Raden Putra ... , " the rooster crowed repeatedly. Raden Putra was surprised to hear a rooster crow Cindelaras . " Is that true ? " Asked the king astonishment . "Yes sire , name Cindelaras servant , slave mother was king consort . "
At the same time , the governor immediately facing and telling all the events that have actually happened to the empress . " I 've made ​​a mistake , " said King Raden Putra . " I will give appropriate punishment to my mistress , " continued the king 's wrath . Then , concubine Raden Putra was to dispose of the woods . Raden Putra immediately hugged her and apologized for his mistake After that , Raden Putra and district chief consort to immediately pick up the forest .. Finally Raden Putra , empress and Cindelaras can regroup . After Raden Putra died , Cindelaras replaced the father . He ruled the country justly and wisely.

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