Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Asal Usul Danau Lipan

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In Muara Kaman district approximately 120 km upstream Tenggarong capital of Kutai regency in East Kalimantan, there is an area known as the Lake of Lipan . Although named the lake , the area is not a lake like Lake Jempang and Semayang . It is a vast wilderness area is overgrown with bushes and shrubs .
Muara Kaman yore city and its surroundings is an ocean . The edge of the sea when it is in Berubus , Muara Kaman village of Ulu who is better known as the Continent Lawas . At that time there was a kingdom which bookie is visited because it is located by the sea .
Terkenallah at that time in the kingdom a beautiful daughter . The princess named Princess Aji Bedarah White . He was named not because when the princess was chewing betel nut and swallowing water sepahnya behold the red betel water was flowing through the throat .
Princess and strangeness loveliness Aji White Bedarah this sounds also by a Chinese king who immediately set out with his army and its major Jung and anchored on the sea front of the palace Aji Bedarah White . China king immediately went ashore to apply dainty princess .

Before the King of China delivered courtship , by the king's daughter was first treated to meals together . But unfortunate for the King of China , he does not know that he was being tested by a lady who is not only beautiful girl but also clever and thoughtful . Eating in the middle of the meal , the daughter was disgusted look from the guest dining squalor . King of China was apparently eaten by sip , do not use it directly with hands like a dog's mouth .

How disgust Princess Aji Bedarah White and he was offended , as if it did not honor the King of China besides himself clearly could not adjust. When finished dining and Chinese king resume submitted , the princess immediately rejected by the full wrath , saying , " What a despicable human being is destined to be a princess who do you eat just sipped like a dog . "

The extraordinary indignity of course angered remarkable also in the China King . Her application has been rejected , the insult is also acceptable . Because very embarrassed and incensed , there is no other way than redeemed with any violence to subdue White Princess Aji Bedarah . He was soon headed to jungnya to return with all the strong armies to destroy the kingdom and the captivating Princess.
There were terrible wars between armies of Chinese who came like a tidal wave of the sea against the White armies Bedarah Aji .

Turns army Bedarah Aji White can not fend off the invasion of the Chinese army with fierce raging . Daughter who witness the unbalanced battle it was sad mingled rage . He had imagined that the war would be won by the Chinese army . Hence arises the rage .
Daughter as she was soon eating betel say , " If I am the incarnation of the king of magic , then so be it junk - sepahku centipedes, millipedes that can destroy the King of China and their whole army . " Finished saying this , disemburkannyalah junk from his mouth towards the middle of the battle was raging . With a blink of an eye junk betel daughter had been turned into a thousand tail centipede big ones , and were ruthlessly attacked the Chinese army was raging .

Chinese army who fought with the mighty one by one destroyed . Soldiers know that centipedes attack unchallenged , the latitude - lemur ran into jungnya . Similarly the King. They intend to leave Muara Kaman with tremendous lipannya it , but it turns out they were not given a chance by centipedes, millipedes Muara Kaman to leave it alive . Because centipedes, millipedes had spoken to destroy the King and Chinese armies , then with their wavy Jung stormed all the way to China . King and all the Chinese army can not ranged anywhere else and finally they destroyed everything . Jung also they were drowned .

Meanwhile Aji White Bedarah soon disappear with the supernatural , and some where along with his magical princess , the occult also the Brave Water Wells , as the kingdom's powerful labor force . Jung King Chinese place that sinking and the sea is shallow then became a land with vast wilderness that was then called up to the present as the Lake Centipede .

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