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What is known from Palembang ? Of course pempek submarine . If there is one location in Bekasi pempek famous stalls and fits in the pocket , which is Pempek Gaby . But , of course , I was not in the mood to talk about the pempek . Things I want to tell you is how the origins of the name Palembang ? It's like the previous Indonesian folklore , which tells the Wamena Name Origin and Origin of Names Surabaya . Like the two previous folklore , Origin of name Palembang course has two versions . There are versions of Indonesian folklore tale that became the Palembang , Indonesia in general and in a version history .

According to the history of Indonesia , at that time the kingdom of Srivijaya being a loss leader . Because , Duke Ario Damar died , while Raden Fatah and Raden Hasan has been moved to Java . This led to confusion in the minds of the people of Srivijaya itself . However , Sunan Gunung Jati then came to the Duchy of Sriwijaya . He advised that soon will come from domestic Chinese student group named Pai Li Bang . According to Sunan Gunung Jati , Pai Li Bang is a reasonable figure replaces Ario Damar , because Li Bang Pai is in his native country was a minister of the country experienced in the field of state .

Because the Indonesian tongue a little difficult to mention foreign words , Li Bang Pai diseraplah name into Palembang . Yes , that's a bit of history on the origins of the name Indonesia Palembang . Details please go to to read the article about the history of Palembang name .


When Putri Ayu Sundari and his retinue are still in Bukit Seguntang Mahameru , there is a boat that crashed in South Sumatra Coast . Passengers were three brothers , sons of Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain .

All three men survived death , and stranded in the Mount Seguntang Mahameru . They were greeted by Putri Ayu Sundari . One of the eldest son of Raja Iskandar Zulkarnai , namely the Sapurba then married to Putri Ayu Sundari and his two brothers married the daughter of the family .

Because Hill Seguntang Mahameru dwells in Malay River . Thus , the Sapurba and his wife claim to be Malays . Their offspring later developing and participating in local activities Lembang . Lembang more famous names .

Then , when people want to Lembang would always say to Palembang . The word " pa " in Malay parents show area or location .

There , the economy grew rapidly . People crowded flock to the area . Musi River and River Banyuasin a strong trade route known to other countries . Lembang name was changed to Palembang .

Thus , the origin of the name is based on version Palembang Indonesian folklore . Although according to mainstream Indonesian history , the reality may not be as told .

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